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Chapter 936: 20,000 Bucks

“I dont know.” Taozi bit her lips and sobbed.

She was terrified of the two men who had tied her up, but she was also afraid of Chai Xianglong.

“You still want to protect that b*stard Chai Xianglong at the expense of your life Fine, if you have such a firm backbone, dont beg me later.” Ah Lus laughter turned to vulgarity.

“A teenage girl with delicate skin and tender flesh, you still havent had your cherry popped yet, right We will treat you the same as how they treated Zhou Xiaocheng.

We havent had a taste of a woman in a while.

I just dont know if a delicate girl like you can withstand the time youll be spending with my brothers.

But that doesnt matter; the worst-case scenario means your death.

And when the sky turns dark, well drag your body out and bury you.

No one will ever know about it.”

Chen Xuyao lowered his head and held his forehead.

Jiang Yao sat at the side as she tried to stifle her laughter.

Ah Lu looked honest, so it was quite awkward to hear such vulgar and wretched words out of his mouth.

Furthermore, he had said them to a crying young girl.

Jiang Yao thought it was fine as long as it was useful to them.

Ah Lu gave Big Ke a look, and the latter deliberately stepped forward.

It sounded like there were many people.

Then, Big Ke crouched, lit a cigarette, and blew the smoke behind Taozis ears.

He removed her coat.

“Ill tell you! Ill tell you!” Taozi was so scared that she broke down after only two seconds.

She choked on the smoke and coughed softly.

Finally, she shouted in a high-pitched voice.

“Why do you want to know about Zhou Xiaocheng Are you here to help her Will you let me go if I tell you”

“The Zhou family is not my family, and I cant afford to pay them.

Why would I help that woman” Ah Lu kicked her.

“Dont play tricks on me! I will deal with that b*stard, Chai Xianglong.

There are so many people waiting to see him in jail.

Its such a rare opportunity; why would I let it go Tell me quickly.

I dont have the patience to wait.

Perhaps Ill sleep with you first and then let you talk slowly.”

Jiang Yaos tense nerves finally relaxed when she saw the situation.

She could see that the girl was young and simple-minded.

Plus, she also wanted to test Ah Lus identity.

Fortunately, Ah Lu was smart and knew to distance himself from the Zhou family.

Lu Xingzhi was wise when he chose her bodyguards.

He did not only find someone skilled, but he also found someone with a high IQ.

Ah Lu kicked the girl, and she doubled in pain.

Her shoulders trembled, and she cried, but she did not dare to move.

She heard the footsteps beside her.

It was dark, but she could feel as if there were ten pairs of dirty hands on her.

It was as if they wanted to tear her clothes off.

She was terrified.

“Ill tell you! Ill tell you!” Taozi broke down and cried.

“Im Zhou Xiaochengs classmate.

We were on our way to school when Young Master Chai and a few of his friends saw us.

Zhou Xiaocheng has always been a beautiful child since she was young.

Young Master Chai and the others fell in love with her.

I worked as a nanny for Young Master Chais friend.

He came to me and gave me 20,000 bucks to bring Zhou Xiaocheng to a specific place.”

Jiang Yao sat there; her slender fingers tapped the table lightly.

There were some terrifying hints on her face.

Chen Xuyao raised his eyebrows as he looked at Jiang Yao—she looked so much like his third brother when she was upset.

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