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Chapter 919: No Lawyer Dared to Accept

Zhou Xiaocheng even smiled at Jiang Yao, the cats owner.

Jiang Yao frowned; she could sense that something was wrong with Zhou Xiaochengs mental state.

“Have you found a psychiatrist for Xiao Cheng” Jiang Yao asked.

A young girl in her prime had suffered such a huge blow; she would suffer psychological problems if they do not provide her with a professional psychiatrists counseling.

Jiang Yao had a feeling that Zhou Xiaochengs problem had already been exposed.

“Xiao Cheng doesnt want to leave this house at all.

She doesnt even want to take half a step, so I cant take her to the hospital.” Zhou Xiaoxia shook her head.

“Do you think that she has a problem with her mental state”

Zhou Xiaoxias eyes reddened.

“I felt the same the moment I got home.

It was how I found out about the assault.

Thats why I got into a fight.

I dont want her to be humiliated and then let Chai Xianglong get away with it.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

Zhou Xiaocheng was already 16 or 17 years old, but it seemed like she behaved like a child who was only a few years old.

Jiang Yao studied medicine, but she had never been involved in psychology, so she did not understand what kind of mental illness that had afflicted Zhou Xiaocheng.

She did not even know where to start.

“Brother Jiaxian said that he could ask his captain for help.

His captains younger brother asked his senior sister, who was studying abroad, to come to Yuan City today to help me check on Xiao Chengs condition,” Zhou Xiaoxia explained.

“It has been half a month since the incident.

I dont know what else to do now.

The Chai family has been keeping a close tab on us.

My parents wanted to call the police, which led to my brothers arrest for beating someone up.

They used my brother to threaten my parents and forbid them from calling the police.

My neighbors told me that our door was splashed with red paint; that was before I got home.

My parents got someone to repaint the door and the wall.”

Jiang Yao held Zhou Xiaoxias hand and comforted her.

“Its okay.

Ive arranged for a lawyer to meet with us.

Hell be here today as well.

When he arrives, well listen to his opinion.”

Zhou Xiaoxia did not expect that she would cry again when Jiang Yao mentioned a lawyer.

“My parents said that they would sue even if they had to sell the house.

But no one in Yuan City would dare to take on our case because of the Chai familys influence.

My parents went to the police station when my sister was assaulted, and then they went to beg the lawyers.

But no one would listen.

Eventually, they fell ill and had to be hospitalized.”

Jiang Yao sat next to Zhou Xiaoxia.

Once again, she was glad that she had told Lu Xingzhi about Zhou Xiaoxia on the phone the previous night.

She also thanked Lu Xingzhi for his foresight in getting a lawyer to Yuan City to help with the matter.

Lu Xingzhi had a way to make sure that no lawyer in the entire Nanjiang City dared to take on the Zhang familys case.

Then, the Chai family had used the same method to bully Zhou Xiaoxias family in Yuan City.

They were too pitiful.

Zhou Xiaocheng hugged Moe and sat quietly at the side.

Jiang Yao and Zhou Xiaoxia did not lower their voices deliberately.

Zhou Xiaocheng could hear them, but it seemed like she was as deaf as a deaf person.

She did not react at all to Jiang Yao and Zhou Xiaoxias conversation.

The lawyer, Mr Jiang, arrived at three oclock in the afternoon.

Since Zhou Xiaocheng could not meet with unfamiliar men, Jiang Yao told him to head to the hotel first.

At the same time, she needed to get some information about Zhou Xiaocheng and the Chai family.

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