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Chapter 908: Sick As Expected

Even though Lu Xiaoxiao had always liked to rub more salt into his wounds, who knew that Jiang Lei had become numb to that

Lu Xiaoxiao drove the two of them to their home.

When they arrived at the Jiang family home, Lu Xiaoxiao went in to sit for a while.

She drank a cup of tea and chatted with Jiang Yao for a while before she left.

Jiang Yao had not managed to pick out any gifts for Lu Xingzhi when she went to the city.

However, she had completed the most important thing, so it was not in vain.

Jiang Yao and Jiang Lei had left early in the morning, and it was already noon when they returned home.

At that time, there were even more relatives and friends at home.

The courtyard was filled with people.

The women sat by the pond as they washed vegetables and slaughtered chickens and ducks.

Then men were also there to cook white berries; the courtyard was bustling with chatter and conversation.

After Jiang Yao sent Lu Xiaoxiao out and returned, an old aunt in the courtyard called out to her and asked, “I heard that you said that Chen Lanyings child was sick at the county mall.

She had sent the child to the largest hospital in the city for a check-up.

I didnt expect that there would really be a problem with the childs health.

I heard that it had something to do with immunity or anemia.

Anyway, they said that its a severe condition.

The doctors suggested that Chen Lanying send the child to a larger specialist hospital for a more detailed check-up.”

The county town was tiny.

It would not be an exaggeration when one said that if one were to walk down the streets and asked a random stranger, they might be a relative of his or her family.

Therefore, if there were any news or gossip, then everyone would know about it.

The matter about Jiang Yaos shopping trip with Mrs Lu and Lu Xiaoxiao in the county town mall and meeting the woman who had been engaged to Lu Xingzhi must have been spread among those women last night.

An aunt had mentioned Jiang Yaos luck to have a mother-in-law who protected her.

When Jiang Yaos mother heard that, she was overjoyed.

She wanted Jiang Yao to bring more home-grown vegetables for her mother-in-law when she went back there next.

However, that aunt was also curious about a rumor she had heard before she arrived at the Jiang family home.

Some relatives told her that Jiang Yao had mentioned a health problem with Chen Lanyings child, and many people thought she was vicious to curse that child.

However, when they heard about that news today, everyone was speechless.

It turned out that Jiang Yao had sharp eyes and could tell that the childs body was not well with just one glance.

“Autoimmune hemolytic anemia” Jiang Yao mentioned the name of a disease.

She wanted to address that aunt, but she did not know what to call her, so she decided not to speak.

There were too many relatives in the village, so Jiang Yao could not recognize all of them.

Her father was a junior, so many women from the town had turned up to help him.

Her aunts, uncles, and their children had gathered together; there were so many of them that they could almost fill a bus.

“Yes, yes, yes! Thats it!” The aunt nodded repeatedly.

“My daughter-in-law is related to Chen Lanyings in-laws.

I heard about this from her before I left home just now.

Yaoyao, I remember that youre a doctor, right Youve only studied for half a year, but youre already this good”

Mrs Jiang did not know much about studying, but she felt that she did not have to worry about her daughters studies.

Therefore, she also felt that her daughter would definitely be an excellent doctor in the future.

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