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Chapter 906: Busier Than the Big Boss

She heard the man next to her address Jiang Yao as Young Madam Lu so respectfully.

It was the same kind of respect that she had shown the lady boss in the factory.

How ironic!

She knew that the Lu family was wealthy, but she did not expect them to be so powerful.

Jiang Yao stayed with Jiang Lei in the coffee house for nearly an hour.

She watched him as he drank a few cups of bitter coffee as if they were beer.

In the end, she stopped him.

“Second Brother, lets go home.

Drinking too much coffee is bad for your stomach.

Tomorrow is our brothers wedding.

If you drink too much, then youll bring bad luck to them.” Jiang Yao patted Jiang Lei on his shoulder.

“Youre a man.

Its understandable if youre sad for a while.

If you really show me how painful you look, then Ill look down on you.”

After a long while, Jiang Lei finally grunted in gratitude.

He looked at Jiang Yao, nodded before he put on his coat, and stood up.

In only a few hours, Jiang Lei was so depressed that it seemed like he was a different person.

When the two of them stood outside the bus station and waited for the bus to return to town, Jiang Lei crouched under the sign for a smoke, one cigarette after another, as if he would die if he ran out of cigarettes.

When Lu Xiaoxiao drove past them, she saw her sister-in-law standing elegantly beside a homeless man.

She only recognized him when she drove closer.

It was Jiang Lei.

“Sister-in-law, Jiang Lei, are you going back to town Thats perfect! Im heading back too.

Get in the car!” After Lu Xiaoxiao said that, she looked at Jiang Lei.

Then, she teased him.

“Jiang Lei, your brother is getting married tomorrow.

Youre taking advantage of the last day to come to the city and beg by the roadside to earn your brothers share of the money, right But you have to put a broken bowl in front of you or something.

Otherwise, how will people give you money Youre so pitiful.

The money you earn is spent on another mans woman.

When I see the bowl, Ill definitely give you a dime!”

Lu Xiaoxiao did not know that Jiang Lei and his girlfriend had broken up.

Since she still hated Jiang Lei for ruining her relationship with her previous boyfriends, she was ruthless with her words.

Then, Jiang Lei threw the cigarette butt onto the ground.

There were many people at the bus stop since it is the end of the year, and the wind was strong too.

Even though Lu Xiaoxiao mocked him, Jiang Lei still urged Jiang Yao into the car.

He was not willing to stand in the wind.

After Jiang Yao and Jiang Lei got into the car, Lu Xiaoxiao said, “Jiang Lei, didnt your girlfriend accompany you today She is really busy; she spends her time with you and other men.

She spends her money shopping with her family and friends on Sundays.

Shes even busier than a big boss like my dad.”

“Xiaoxiao.” Jiang Yao called out to Lu Xiaoxiao in a low voice to stop her from mocking Jiang Lei.

Lu Xiaoxiao could hear the seriousness in Jiang Yaos words.

She stuck out her tongue and changed the topic.

“Sister Yuqing said she would be back today.

I thought she was taking a plane, so I drove to the airport to pick her up early in the morning.

I didnt expect her to take the train to the county railway station.

I came here for nothing.”

“Sister Yuqing Is back” Jiang Yao was delighted.

“I thought she wouldnt be back for another few days!”

“I dont know what kind of job Sister Yuqing has found in Nanjiang City.

Shes so busy now.

If it were up to me, she would be busy in our familys company.

It would be great if she still lives here.

I can see her every two to three days.” Lu Xiao pouted with a smile.

At the mention of Lu Yuqing in Nanjiang City, her face was full of resentment.

Once her cousin went to Nanjiang City, she had one person less to accompany her when she was in the county.

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