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Chapter 905: She Seemed to Have Made the Wrong Choice

Jiang Leis hand trembled as he held the spoon.

Jiang Yao did not know if he was angry or in pain.

She also knew that her words meant nothing to Jiang Lei.

He was hurt because Yang Gaoshu had referred to him as her colleague.

Yang Gaoshu did not even have the courage to admit their relationship.

She had abandoned Jiang Lei.

“I know youre not in the mood to go shopping with me.

Lets go home after we finish our coffee.” Jiang Yao sighed.

“Dont look like youre dead.

Youre my second brother.

Youre one of the four men I love in this world.

How could my second brother be defeated by such a shameless woman like Yang Gaoshi! If your heart breaks because of Yang Gaoshu, Ill look down on you!”

Jiang Lei buried his head in his hands, but he did not say anything.

However, Jiang Yao could vaguely see the brightness in his eyes.

She also fell silent; she wanted to swallow all the words she had said.

Jiang Yao felt bad because Jiang Lei was sad.

“Second Brother, dont be like this.

There are plenty of fish in the sea.

A woman like Yang Gaoshu is not worth your sadness.” Jiang Yao could not say anything else to comfort him.

Yang Gaoshu! What right do you have to torture him to that extent You even referred to him as your colleague!

Jiang Yao regretted her decision to let Yang Gaoshu off so easily when she saw her brother in such pain.

That woman had belittled the feelings of others and trampled their love for her.

Jiang Yao should not have been merciful to that kind of woman.

She should have slapped Yang Gaoshu twice.

Meanwhile, at the shopping mall, the man carefully dissected Young Madam Lus tone and attitude after she had left.

He turned to look at Yang Gaoshu and asked coldly, “You have a grudge with Young Madam Lu”

Yang Gaoshu was shocked; she quickly shook her head to deny it.

“No! No!”

“If she didnt have a grudge against you, she wouldnt have said that!” The man was not stupid.

How could he not tell that Young Madam Lu did not like Yang Gaoshu

He still could not figure out what had happened between Yang Gaoshu and Young Madam Lu.

He had asked her, but Yang Gaoshu did not have an answer for him.

Perhaps she was worried about his anger.

He also knew that he could not offend Young Madam Lu.

If Yang Gaoshu had a feud with Young Madam Lu, then he might need to do something to gain favor from the latter.

The man shook Yang Gaoshus hand off him.

He told her not to follow him and to leave him alone.

Yang Gaoshu stood there; she began to panic.

She had given up on Jiang Lei, and she had lost the other man.

She did not dare to look closely at the way Jiang Lei had looked at her then.

However, she had no choice.

She did not know that she would see him there!

If she admitted that Jiang Lei was her boyfriend, then it would mean that she had toyed with the other man.

She thought that Jiang Lei was only the son of an ordinary farmer, and the man in the city was a young master whose family owned a shopping mall.

His family also had other businesses all over the city.

She knew there would be consequences if she offended them.

That was why she had chosen to abandon Jiang Lei.

However, it seemed like she had made the wrong choice.

Jiang Lei was only an ordinary person.

However, Jiang Yao was not the same.

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