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Chapter 903: Young Madam Lu

Jiang Yaos excuse was perfect.

Jiang Lei did not feel as if anything was wrong, so he was happy to take the bus to the city with Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao kept in contact with Ah Lu as she sat on the bus.

When Jiang Lei saw his sister texting on the phone, he thought she was in contact with Lu Xingzhi, her husband.

Therefore, when the bus arrived at the city bus station, he even made fun of Jiang Yao.

“Do you need to be in contact with your husband all day long Luckily, the Lu family is rich.

Otherwise, who would be able to afford your phone bill”

Jiang Yao giggled; she did not bother to explain that Jiang Lei had misunderstood.

She did not feel embarrassed about that.

When she found out Yang Gaoshus location, she pulled her brother to the biggest shopping mall in the city.

The last time Jiang Yao was at that shopping mall was with Lu Xingzhi.

Ah Lu had just informed her that Yang Gaoshu was with the man on the third floor to look at mens clothing.

Jiang Yao laughed in her mind.

The heavens were on their side.

That couple was in the mens department; she did not need another excuse to go there.

“Lets go to the third floor first.

I want to get a new set of clothes for Xingzhi as a New Years gift, and then go buy his birthday present,” Jiang Yao said as she pulled Jiang Lei to the third floor.

She swept a few glances at the mens clothing brands on the third floor and then pulled Jiang Lei to a section for younger adults.

There was a saying—it was better to arrive at the right time than to arrive early.

The four of them met at the entrance.

They looked at each other.

Yang Gaoshu had leaned on the mans shoulder as she smiled at him intimately.

When Jiang Yao and Jiang Lei entered that section, the smile on her face froze for a second.

Then, it was immediately replaced by panic.

The man next to her looked at the woman because he thought she was pretty.

“Yang Gaoshu.” Jiang Lei stood at the door, his whole body stiff.

“Baby, do you know them Dont you want to introduce them to me” The man raised his eyebrows when he saw her.

“Who are they Who is this woman”

Yang Gaoshu knew men well.

When he asked that question, she knew that the man was interested in Jiang Yao.

However, it was not the time for Yang Gaoshu to be jealous of Jiang Yao.

It was as if she had been thrown into a burning pit.

How should she answer such a question How should she explain it

She did not expect to meet Jiang Lei there.

Her boyfriend even saw her so intimate with another man.

Yang Gaoshu was desperate; she knew she would lose Jiang Lei.

No man would be so forgiving when they saw a similar scene.

She saw the sarcasm in Jiang Leis eyes—the sarcasm, disdain, and hatred toward her.

“This is my colleague and his sister.” Yang Gaoshu chose to give up on Jiang Lei; she wanted to keep the other man.

“Colleague” The man repeated the word.

His gaze fell on Jiang Yaos face, and he asked frivolously, “How should I address this beautiful lady”

The corners of Jiang Yaos lips curled too.

“I am the sister-in-law of your sisters friend, Lu Xiaoxiao.

If I say it like that, you should know who I am, right”

The man was also part of the same social circle, so he could guess her identity when she explained it like that, especially with the Lu familys status.

As expected, the mans grin immediately changed.

His frivolity disappeared and switched to a serious expression.

“Young Madam Lu”

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