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Chapter 900: You Are the Luckiest

The feeling where she was held in someones palm had returned.

Therefore, when Jiang Yao went to sleep, she kept her phone with her and smiled the entire night.

When she woke up the following day and saw that her phone had been switched off because it had no battery, Jiang Yao stuck her tongue out and thought she had unknowingly fallen asleep while she was on the phone with Lu Xingzhi.

It seemed like Lu Xingzhi did not hang up after she had fallen asleep.

Instead, he must have waited until her phone ran out of battery and turned off automatically before he hung up.

She wondered about the phone bill after that long call.

What a genius man, indeed!

After she charged her phone, Jiang Yao went out for breakfast.

Her brothers wedding was the next day, so many of their Jiang relatives were there to help slaughter some chickens and ducks for the feast.

Jiang Jie had sent Wang Xian back to her home the previous night, and then he busied himself in the yard.

Jiang Yao was already married, so it was not her place to do those things at home.

Even if she wanted to help, she would not do anything, so she decided to wake up naturally.

After she greeted their relatives in the yard, Jiang Yao looked for Jiang Leis figure there.

When she saw him at home, she was relieved.

Since he did not look for Yang Gaoshu, it proved that Jiang Lei was angry with that woman.

Jiang Yao no longer felt that mad.

She brushed her teeth at the side of the yard.

Her relatives, who were washing vegetables there, laughed and chatted with Jiang Yao.

They asked about her school and her husbands family.

Jiang Yao rinsed her mouth and answered a few questions perfunctorily.

“Yaoyao is blessed, indeed.

Among all the girls in the county, you are the luckiest.” The relative flattered Jiang Yao a little; he thought that her parents had raised a worthy daughter.

In the countryside, daughters were less valuable than sons.

It was common for the villagers to favor sons over daughters.

Sons of the same age could play around after school, but daughters had to go home to cook and farm, and there were countless chores to do.

Most villagers only sent their daughters to the fourth or fifth grade of primary school.

After that, most daughters would stay at home to help with the housework.

Not many families were as poor as the Jiang family, but they had managed to send their three children to school.

If they provided for their only sons, everyone would understand it.

However, many people also secretly laughed at the Jiang family because they sent their daughter to school for more than ten years; they thought the parents were silly.

No matter how many books their daughters read, they would still be married off to someone elses family.

Before Jiang Yao got married and entered university, many people laughed at the Jiang family for being silly.

They did not only provide an education for Jiang Yao, but they also doted on their daughter like an ancient princess.

In the entire village, Jiang Yao was the only girl who could not cook.

Before Jiang Yaos marriage, she focused her attention on her studies.

When she returned home, she did not have to do anything.

At that time, many women secretly said that Jiang Yao did not know how to do anything.

If she were to continue to study, she would not be able to get married in the future.

Who would want to have an educated daughter-in-law in that village

“Auntie, dont laugh at me.

All blessings are the same, and such is life.” Jiang Yao replied hypocritically, but in her heart, she felt that she was not only the luckiest woman in the entire county, but she was simply the luckiest woman in the entire world.

“I hear that youre going to the army to celebrate the New Year with your husband Did your in-laws give you any red packets in advance How much money did your in-laws give you last year The Lu family doesnt lack money.

They would have given you a lot of money for the New Year, right”

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