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Chapter 892: A Young Girl

When Lu Xingzhi thought of a way to deal with that, he got someone to Chen Lanying.

He knew that she was in contact with Lu Weihua, so when she heard that he had no future, she would definitely turn to him.

It had happened exactly as Lu Xingzhi predicted.

After Chen Lanying and her family heard that he had become crippled, they had wanted to cancel their engagement.

On the day they had broken off their engagement, Lu Xingzhi had gone to see Jiang Yao.

He had hidden somewhere near her school to peek at her.

“Thats true.

You were quite bad to want to get married with such thoughts.

Very unkind.” Jiang Yao hummed.

Lu Xingzhi snorted.

“Well, I have never been a good person.” That was the truth.

If he were a good person, Ra Ha would not be in Carls hands.

“Im very curious about what you said to Chen Lanying during the half an hour you spent with her.” Jiang Yao was tired from standing, so she turned around and moved to sit in a chair before she continued to talk to Lu Xingzhi.

“What did I say” Lu Xingzhi scratched his buzz cut in annoyance.

“What do I have to say to her”

“Nothing to say You were alone with her for half an hour.” Jiang Yao clearly did not believe him.

“Before my mom and the matchmaker left, I did not say a word.

After they left, I still did not say anything.” At that time, he wanted Chen Lanying to think that he was a bore so that she would want to cancel the engagement.

So, whatever Chen Lanying said to him, he just sat there with a blank expression or any reaction.

He did that for half an hour before he had enough and left.

Jiang Yao did not say anything; she might not have believed him.

So, Lu Xingzhi sighed.

“Yaoyao, you have to be reasonable.”

Jiang Yao facepalmed.

It was the same sentence again.

If he were in front of her, he would pick her up the next second and carry her to a place where no one would be around to reason with her in his way.

“How old were you when my mom urged me to get married You were in your first year in high school.

You even had braids.

When you walked with your brothers, you jumped up and down.

And when you saw your Eldest Brother, you acted like a spoiled child and asked him for candy.

When you saw your Second Brother, you would tell him to shut up and bicker with him.”

That was why Lu Xingzhi felt helpless back then.

When he had noticed Jiang Yao, she was only a little girl who used to walk in between her big and tall brothers.

They were like two fathers who had brought their daughter out to shop.

Lu Xingzhi thought that she was beautiful at that time.

He spared a few more glances at her, but he did not have any other thoughts about her.

When he saw Jiang Yao again, she had grown up and looked even more graceful.

He realized that she was already 17 years old and could get married in another year.

He wanted to marry that young lady and make her his wife.

However, Jiang Yao was not 18 years old yet.

He thought to go to the Jiang family to propose marriage as soon as the Chen family broke off the engagement.

He would wait for her until she was 18 years old so that they could get married, even though his plan was disrupted after that.

With that idea in mind, Lu Xingzhi went to take a peek at his future wife every day.

When he saw Jiang Yao smiled so sweetly at other people, his heart would be filled with jealousy.

He was even jealous when her brothers delivered food to her school, and she took her brothers hand and acted sweetly with them.

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