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Chapter 89: Leave Me Alone for A While

Lu Xingzhi was casually eating his porridge but Jiang Yaos joyful expression slowly changed into a shocked look, then to a face full of excitement.

She was rejoicing due to his existence.

She was then excited because he could send her to her university.

There was no way to fake those emotions.

Those were the true feelings reflected in the eyes of a human being.

“Happy” Lu Xingzhi asked her, despite knowing the answer.

Jiang Yao hid her emotions immediately.

She put one of her arms on the table and supported her cheek with her other hand.

Then, she drawled, “No, Im not…”

However, her statement was not convincing at all because she was trying very hard to hold back her smile when she was talking.

In the end, she still laughed.

“Dont get too excited too soon.” Lu Xingzhi did not want to throw a wet blanket over her on purpose.

“I used up my New Year holiday in order to get back here.

Therefore, I cant come back to celebrate the New Year with you.”

Without any surprise, he then saw the smile on the womans face crumple gradually.

“I cant come back, but you can celebrate with me at my unit.” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao pouted.

She did not reply whether she would be going.

“The food prepared for the new years celebration at my unit isnt too bad.

The buns there smell better than these, and the dumplings are even made according to the elders recipe.” Lu Xingzhi did not see any response from Jiang Yao, so he compromised and said, “Youll know after you visit during the National Day,”

Noticing that Jiang Yao still remained silent, he rapped on the table with his fingers.”Dont forget that you promised to pay me a visit during the National Day.”

“I did not forget about it.

Im just unhappy because you do not have any holiday left for the New Year celebration.

Dont bother about me, leave me alone for awhile.” Jiang Yao answered in a soft voice and laid back onto the bed silently, with her back facing Lu Xingzhi.

After finishing their breakfast, Lu Xingzhi cleaned the table and washed the cutlery in an instant.

When he was done cleaning, he saw Jiang Yao still lying on the bed without budging.

He walked towards her and tapped on the back of her head with his index finger.

Lu Xingzhi couldnt help but smile when he saw her turning around and rolling her eyes.

“Its not good for your stomach if you lie down straight after your meal.

I see that youre quite energetic, get up and move around.

Ill be going out for a while.

When Im back later, Ill bring you down for a stroll to aid your digestion.” After hearing Jiang Yaos response, he left the room with satisfaction after she sat back up slowly.

Lu Xingzhi did not go anywhere else except to look for the doctor in charge of Jiang Yao to ask for further information about her wounds.

After getting a clear explanation from the doctor about Jiang Yaos wounds being fine, his worrying heart finally eased.

When he returned to the ward, Jiang Yao had already taken off her hospital gown and changed into her own set of clothes.

The set of clothes that she was wearing was not the one she had worn yesterday.

It was a clean set of clothes which was brought by Mrs.


“Where are you going” Lu Xingzhi asked her while looking at her all dressed up.

Jiang Yao was stunned and stared at Lu Xingzhi blankly.

A few seconds later, she asked him back softly, “Didnt you just say that you are going to bring me down for a walk”

“Just go for a walk in your hospital gown.

Did you purposely get changed for that Were only going to have a walk around the hospital.

Its not going to be far away.” That was actually the first time Lu Xingzhi saw the clumsy and silly side of Jiang Yao.

Surprisingly, she was very cute.

“Did the nurse run check up on you this morning”

“She came in right after you went out.

She took a blood sample and measured my blood pressure.

Everythings alright and she even re-applied my ointment.” Jiang Yao said that while raising her arm and pointed at the needle mark which was left on her.

“See, evidence.”

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