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Chapter 888: Give This to Me

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Zhou Xiaoxia had probably called her for help, but for some reason, she seemed to have changed her mind after Jiang Yao picked up the phone.

Jiang Yao was a little worried, but since Zhou Xiaoxia did not tell her, she did not know what had happened to her.

So, it was useless to worry.

Who was it Was it Xingzhi Mr Jiang asked casually as he came in from the outside.

That man calls you several times a day.

It was a joke because after their dinner the previous night, Jiang Yao had been on the phone with Lu Xing Zhi for a long time.

It wasn\'t him.

It was my classmate; she wanted to wish me a Happy New Year in advance, Jiang Yao explained.

Your classmate sounds interesting.

Why would she wish you a Happy New Year so early Mr Jiang laughed when he heard that.

Right Dad, you think it\'s weird too, right Therefore, Zhou Xiaoxia\'s excuse was quite lame.

Yes, it\'s weird.

It\'s probably because young people like you have different thoughts from us old men, just like the bell-bottom pants are currently so popular.

You can\'t even see the shoes in those pants.

Your mom and I don\'t know what\'s so good about it, but look at how your second brother likes it.

He dresses like a hooligan all day long. Mr Jiang was furious when he saw his youngest son smoking like a hooligan.

Then, he muttered, He\'s not serious, and he\'s not looking for a serious girl to be his partner.

Jiang Yao knew that her parents did not like Yang Gaoshu.

When she heard what her father had said, she held his arms and acted like a pampered daughter with him.

She wanted him to be happy so that he would not worry about Jiang Lei.

Then, she went to her brother and sister-in-law\'s room.

However, Jiang Yao did not expect that she would hear such shameless words from Yang Gaoshu as soon as she arrived at the door.

After Yang Gaoshu entered Wang Xian\'s room, she pretended to look at the new room and found a few nice words to compliment it.

Then, she tactfully suggested that she wanted to see the gifts Jiang Yao had brought back from the city for Wang Xian.

Wang Xian was relatively thin-skinned, and Yang Gaoshu was her brother-in-law\'s partner.

Naturally, she could not refuse her request, so she took out some of the things that Jiang Yao had bought for her and showed them to Yang Gaoshu.

She did not want Yang Gaoshu to think that she wanted to show off, so she only showed a portion of the items.

Wang Xian did not show her the gold jewelry either, only some clothes and cosmetics.

However, she did not expect that Yang Gaoshu would be so fond of the items that she did not seem to want to put them down.

She was so fond of them that she asked Wang Xian for some of the things.

That put Wang Xian in a difficult position.

She was unwilling to give her things away because she was not familiar with Yang Gaoshu, and she did not like that woman very much.

Furthermore, she knew that her parents-in-law did not like Yang Gaoshu either.

She was afraid they would be upset if she were to give away what Jiang Yao had bought for her.

Sister Wang Xian, Jiang Yao bought so many gifts for you.

Why don\'t you give this to me You still have so many anyway. Yang Gaoshu was sure that Wang Xian would not refuse her request because she was Jiang Lei\'s girlfriend.

If Jiang Lei were to ask her, she would say that Wang Xian had offered her the gift.

That way, Jiang Lei would have nothing to say about that.

Jiang Yao heard that from outside the door as she walked into the room.

She asked with a cold expression, Sister-in-law, don\'t you like what I gave you If you don\'t like it, you should have said so earlier!

Wang Xian was shocked by Jiang Yao\'s accusation.

She quickly explained, No, no, no! I like everything you gave me!

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