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Chapter 876: Half an Hour Alone

The tables had turned so quickly that Jiang Yao could not react in time.

Chen Lanying had turned from a good woman into someone else.

The phraselooking for a husband was very apt to describe what Chen Lanying had done.

Mrs Lu was furious when she found out about that.

Her sons fiancee had looked for another man with marriage in mind.

Was there a difference if she had cheated on her son

Lu Xingzhi was a bastard.

He did not even show up for the engagement.

However, even if Chen Lanying felt aggrieved, she could have rejected it.

The Lu family had always respected Chen Lanyings choice.

Chen Lanying said that she did not mind; she understood that Lu Xingzhi was busy, so she would wait for Lu Xingzhi to come home for their wedding.

That was why Mrs Lu treated Chen Lanying like her daughter.

Lu Xingzhi owed her, so she wanted to compensate the young woman.

She tried to give Chen Lanying the best food and clothes that money could buy.

If Mrs Lu went to town, she could get something for Chen Lanying.

It was either food or clothes, and they were not ordinary cheap goods.

However, she did not expect Chen Lanying would do such an infuriating thing behind her back.

The younger woman had pretended to be virtuous and gentle.

“So, I called Xingzhi.

I wanted those two young people to discuss if they should continue with the wedding and if Chen Lanying cut off her contact with those people,” Mrs Lu said.

The music in the coffee shop was quite loud, so Mrs Lu had to raise her voice.

“Xingzhi came home, and I forced him to meet with Chen Lanying.

The two of them sat alone for about half an hour.

We dont know what they had said to each other, but Xingzhi said that he would wait for her to withdraw from their commitment to get married.

He was back for three days, but he did not stay at home every day.

We didnt know where he went or what he did, but he seemed happy.

That was the first time I saw his reluctance to go back to the army.

If he did not tell us that the Chen family had agreed to cancel their wedding, his father and I thought that things had gotten better with Chen Lanying.”

“After Big Brother returned to Jindo, we thought that things had settled between them.

We waited for the Chen family to cancel the wedding.

However, the Chen family did not do anything even after Big Brother had left for a long time.” Lu Xiaoxiao said as she pouted, “After he returned to the army, Chen Lanying shamelessly began to write to him, but he didnt reply to a single letter.”

After Lu Xingzhi returned to Jindo, Mr Lu and Mrs Lu had waited for a long time, but the Chen family did not talk to them about their wedding cancellation.

While Chen Lanying did write letters to Lu Xingzhi, she was still in contact with Lu Weihua.

If it were not for the sake of the young womans dignity and the reputation of the person who introduced her, the Lu family would have taken the initiative to break off the engagement.

“The matter dragged on for about half a year.

Then, Brother graduated from the Military Academy and joined the army, but the Chen family still hasnt come to us to break off the engagement.

They even dared to ask about his whereabouts and his position in the army,” Lu Xiaoxiao said with a look of disdain.

“Later, I got impatient and said that the marriage had to be canceled.

Chen Lanying wrote to him every few days.

When he saw Chen Lanyings letter, he got annoyed and returned it unopened.

For the sake of the Chen familys reputation, he gave them such a long time to deal with the matter, but they still dont know their place.”

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