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Chapter 869: She Wants Money

Even though Jiang Lei had a salary of 80 bucks per month, he might sometimes get a bonus, which would bring his salary to 100 bucks.

It was a good salary when compared to the rest of the young people from the same county.

However, Yang Gaoshu was not satisfied.

That kind of money was not enough for her to buy beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, or even brand-name cosmetics.

The man she met was great for all those points, but Yang Gaoshu could not find the same emotion that she saw in Jiang Leis eyes when he looked at her.

She knew full well that the man only wanted her for a fling, but Jiang Lei loved her.

Even though she had received many things from that man, she did not want to cross a line.

She did not want to lose Jiang Lei as her boyfriend.

She knew that man would never marry her, so she had been wasting her time on both men.

She wanted money and marriage.

In other words, she wanted to be like Jiang Yao—marry into a wealthy family and live a rich persons life.

She could travel in a small car like Jiang Yao, and she could spend money without any hesitation.

The Lu family was a big family, and they only had one son, Lu Xingzhi.

Yang Gaoshu envied Jiang Yao because she could marry into that family.

It looked like everything in the Lu family would eventually be Jiang Yaos.

She wanted to be like Jiang Yao.

She wanted people to envy her after her marriage.

“Jiang Yao…” Yang Gaoshu felt even more bitter the more she thought about it.

She asked, “How much did you pay for this dress I like it too.

Im thinking of buying one.”

Jiang Lei glanced at Yang Gaoshu as he asked curiously, “Its white.

Dont you think itll be a hassle to wash it I thought you dont like pink and white clothing, especially in the winter.

Besides, Yaoyao is young, and she dresses well.

You are already so old; why would you still wear white and pink clothes”

Jiang Yao wanted to give her second brother the best boyfriend award.

Jiang Lei was definitely a male chauvinist.

If a woman with a temper were to hear his words, they would break up with him in an instance.

Who would refer to their girlfriends age so casually When Jiang Yao heard that, she thought that not even Lu Xingzhi, who was as mentally retarded as Jiang Lei, would say such words to offend his girlfriend.

Jiang Lei did not feel as if he had said anything wrong at all.

When he saw Yang Gaoshus expression changed, he scratched his head.

He did not know why she was upset again.

Fortunately, Jiang Jie spoke up to help his brother.

“Your girlfriend isnt that old.

A girl her age can wear light colors.

Your sister-in-law also likes to wear light colors.”

However, Jiang Jie did not say that his family did not purchase those clothes for Jiang Yao.

It was apparent that she had bought them after her marriage.

The Lu family was wealthy, so the clothes on Jiang Yaos back were not cheap.

Yang Gaoshu and Jiang Lei would not be able to afford it.

Jiang Yao did not want to answer Yang Gaoshu, but she changed her mind when she saw her clothes.

She replied wickedly, “My sister-in-law bought these clothes for me when she went shopping in a mall.

She thought that they would look great on me.

If you like them, you can go to a mall in a big city to buy them.

A bigger mall would usually carry this brand.”

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