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Chapter 865: Gold Jewelry

Furthermore, Yang Gaoshu knew that Jiang Yao was married to a soldier, and Yang Gaoshu had many relatives who were soldiers.

They had a fixed monthly salary, and it might not even be more than what Jiang Lei made in a month.

Therefore, Yang Gaoshu felt that Jiang Yao would not be so generous with her husbands familys money.

When she heard Jiang Lei said that the coat cost more than 100 bucks, she thought that Jiang Yao must have lied about the brand.

However, when she saw the brand, Yang Gaoshu finally believed that Jiang Yao had really bought many things for her family.

“I heard that your sister also bought gifts for Wang Xian, right”Yang Gaoshu asked tentatively.

“Yes, Yaoyao bought a lot of gifts for my sister-in-law.” Jiang Lei nodded.

“Clothes, skirts, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and other items.”

“Is there another set of gold jewelry” Yang Gaoshu asked.

“Oh, yes.” Jiang Lei did not feel like there was something wrong with Yang Gaoshus question, so he nodded and admitted without any hesitation.

“A whole set.

Sister-in-law looks very beautiful in it!”

After Yang Gaoshu heard that, she shook Jiang Leis hand off.

Jiang Lei was stunned when he saw Yang Gaoshus sudden change in expression.

“Why are you throwing a tantrum again” Jiang Lei was confused by Yang Gaoshus behavior.

“Its all because of your sister!” Yang Gaoshu turned her back toward him.

“What does your sister mean by this It is obvious that she doesnt like me.

Why does everyone have gifts Even Wang Xian has them, and she has so many too.

She even got something as valuable as gold jewelry.

Im the only one who doesnt have any gift! Im the only one who doesnt have anything! Is it because she looks down on me Or does she not acknowledge me as her second brothers girlfriend”

“Arent you being ridiculous” Jiang Lei yelled at Yang Gaoshu.

“Eldest Sister-in-law has already registered with Eldest Brother.

And they are holding their wedding banquet tomorrow! She is my brothers wife, so whats wrong with Yaoyao treating her well How can you compare our relationship with theirs Besides, Yaoyao said that the gift was from her husband; it was a wedding gift for my brother and his wife.

When we get married, do you really think that she wont give a set to her second brothers wife”

Jiang Lei was furious.

“Besides, the money belongs to Yaoyao and her husband.

Its her freedom to buy anything for anyone.

Even if I get married in the future, and Yaoyao doesnt prepare any gold jewelry for my wife, I wont say anything! Yaoyao is my sister, and I treat her well because we are family.

I didnt do it so that she would give me something when she grows up!”

“Are you stupid, Jiang Lei!” Yang Gaoshus eyes were red because Jiang Lei had yelled at her.

She was angry.

“I am doing this for you.

Do you think that I really want her things Youre both her brothers.

Your elder brother treats her well, but you are always good to her too.

Jiang Yao treats your sister-in-law so well, but she treats me as nothing.

She looks down on me, which means that she looks down on you too!”

Jiang Lei stood there; he was speechless.

His sister had told him that she did not like his girlfriend.

Not only did Jiang Yao not like Yang Gaoshu, but she even suspected that Yang Gaoshu was like what Lu Xiaoxiao had said—she had another man.

However, Jiang Lei never told Yang Gaoshu that.

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