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Chapter 860: Going Home

“It looks like youre moving instead of going home for a visit.” Lu Yuqing patted one of Jiang Yaos big boxes.

“I know youve been shopping and buying things for the past two days, but I didnt expect youd buy so many boxes!”

As Jiang Yao would not be home for a long time, she did not bring many of her own clothes.

The boxes contained items that she bought specifically for her visit.

“Theyre gifts for my parents.” Jiang Yao, who Lu Yuqing teased, felt embarrassed.

She pulled Lu Yuqings arm and made a small gesture.

“I also have a gift for you.

And also gifts for Xiaoxiao, your parents, Second Uncle and also people from my family.”

“Arent you worried about the weight Why would you buy gifts for my family Just get some for your family.

Your brother is getting married soon, right Since Xingzhi cant attend the ceremony, you should bring more gifts for them.

Please help Xingzhi to explain it to them.” Lu Yuqing flicked Jiang Yaos forehead.

It seemed like the younger woman had gotten even more familiar with her.

Even though Jiang Yao was Shengqi Hospitals major shareholder, she also owned Changkang Group and two mines.

Her identity could scare people to death if anyone were to mention it.

However, she was a simple little girl when she was with her family.

She would always sit cross-legged on the sofa while she hugged Mimi and her other pet.

She would talk to them, and when she was unhappy, she would even scold them or pat them on their heads.

However, she sometimes behaved like a gentleman who preferred a new and shiny thing instead of staying with a familiar choice.

Lu Yuqing had found her walking barefoot at home during the cold weather.

When she lectured her, Jiang Yao would stick her tongue out and make a face before she rushed to wear her socks and shoes.

That was probably why her stuffy brother would fall in love with someone like Jiang Yao.

He would need someone like her to neutralize his stuffiness.

However, Jiang Ya was only delicate with family.

She was always calm and composed with outsiders, so no one was worried about people bullying her.

The plane landed at the airport in the city.

Lu Xingzhis uncle, Lu Haixing, drove his car to the airport with Lu Xiaoxiao to pick up Jiang Yao.

When Lu Xiaoxiao realized that Jiang Yao had so many luggage pieces, she touched them one by one.

“Sister-in-law, let me guess which of these is for me! Is the whole box mine Are they beautiful clothes Or beautiful shoes and jewelry”

Jiang Yao did not tell Lu Xiaoxiao that she had gotten her a gift; it was only a wild guess.

“Youre such a child!” Lu Haixing was amused.

He wanted to hit her, but he could not bear it, so he patted her head instead.

“Wait, I have a friend with me.” Jiang Yao waved at Ah Lu, who stood behind her.

“This is Xing Zhis comrade.

He has something to do in the city.

Second Uncle, can we give him a ride”

That was the excuse that Lu Xingzhi told Jiang Yao to use.

Their families did not know about Jiang Yaos activities in Nanjiang City, so it was quite difficult to explain it to them.

She was also afraid that they would not understand.

Lu Xingzhi did not want to say that Ah Lu was a bodyguard as he was also afraid that it could cause panic in his family.

Why would he hire a bodyguard for Jiang Yao if she was in school

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