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Chapter 858: Hatred

Zhou Xiaoxia had a younger brother and a younger sister; they were a few years younger than her.

However, Zhou Xiaoxia was the only studious one in her family.

Zhou Xiaoxias younger sister was a little younger than her, but she had already dropped out of school, while her younger brother was always in trouble in school.

Chen Siyang was the one with a complicated relationship with her family members.

She had a half-brother who was almost ten years older than her, but they did not have a good relationship.

When they talked about their family members, they heard about how Jiang Yao had two brothers who doted on her.

They were envious of that.

“Jiang Yao, are you trying to make us hate you” Chen Siyang covered her ears.

“I dont want to listen anymore! Why are they all your brothers They are so good, while my brother is like a passerby in my life.”

“Thats right! Jiang Yao, I dont care.

You have to give me one!” Wen Xuehui also hopped around.

“Look at how your husband pampers you so much.

You are already happy, but you still have two brothers at home who spoil you too.

How is this fair”

Jiang Yao hugged the blanket and rolled on the bed proudly.

“No! They are my brothers!”

She was already jealous when she thought about how her brother would marry her future sister-in-law soon.

Soon, she would not be the only girl he loved.

Even though she liked her future sister-in-law, Wang Xian, she felt as if she was there to take her brother from her.

Jiang Yao felt a little stifled whenever she thought about it.

However, even though she was jealous, Jiang Yao was still thrilled that her brother would have a good wife like Wang Xian.

She looked forward to their wedding day.

The next day, Jiang Yao told Ah Lu and Da Ke to drive the girls in the dormitory to the station before she left the school with Wen Xuehui.

Jiang Yao would live with Lu Yuqing when she was out of school.

As soon as she got home, Lu Xingzhi called her; it was as if he had installed a surveillance camera.

Jiang Yao had not contacted Lu Xingzhi for a whole week since their last call.

Lu Xingzhi did not go out on a mission.

Instead, he took advantage of the snowy weather in Jin city to pull the recruits out of the mountains for a week of field training.

That was also why Zhou Junmin called Jiang Yao and complained about Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Wife, have you finished your exam Was it easy” As soon as Jiang Yao picked up the phone, Lu Xingzhis concerned voice entered her ears.

Perhaps her husband was worried that her final exam would turn into a college entrance exam.

“Well, its not difficult for me—a piece of cake!” Jiang Yao was very proud.

“What about you You didnt get hurt when you went to train in the cold, right Did you use the anti-frostbite cream that I gave you”

Jiang Yao made a large amount of anti-frostbite cream and rapid hemostatic medicine when she knew that Lu Xingzhi would train in the snowfield for a week.

She had sent it with the Jin Citys troops.

She prepared those for Lu Xingzhi and the recruits that he would, no doubt, train quite inhumanely.

“I did use it.

Not bad.

Its very useful,” Lu Xingzhi said.

It was helpful, indeed.

He had used it two days before he went out to the field.

He did not get any frostbite even after they stayed in the wilderness for a week.

However, the recruits did not enjoy the experience as much as he did.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to train their physical fitness and endurance, so he did not share those items with them.

He only gave them the anti-frostbite cream after the training had ended.

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