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Chapter 854: Equally Ugly

“Youre my daughter.

I didnt protect you, and Ive let you down.” Mr Zheng patted his daughters head gently.

He thought that he had let her down.

Other fathers could protect their daughters, but he could not do anything.

Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehuis eyes reddened as they watched from the side.

Even though Zheng Yi used to be a police officer, she had a delicate appearance—a little girl from the south.

The makeup managed to hide the scars well if one did not look closely at her.

Jiang Yao knew that the makeup industry would continue to develop new technologies, and with cosmetics like concealer, Zheng Yi would look like any other woman.

The results from Zheng Yis treatment were even better than those from the laboratory.

It was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for Jiang Yao.

The Chen family had also arrived to pick up Chen Feibai.

Chen Shan and his wife brought Chen Feibai, who was on crutches, to offer their personal thanks to Jiang Yao.

When they were there, they saw the Zheng father-daughter duo hugged and cried in each others arms.

“Tst, tsk, tsk! You still have the same face, even if youre no longer disfigured.

Why are you wearing white anyway” Chen Feibai had some difficulty as he walked with his crutches.

However, he was a proud man.

Once he could walk, he had refused to sit in the wheelchair.

Chen Feibai experienced pain that was a lot worse than Zheng Yis.

Therefore, he had lost a lot of weight.

He was so thin that one could count his bones.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao had taken care of his body.

So, even though Chen Feibai had lost a lot of weight, his complexion still looked good.

When Mr Zheng heard someone teased his daughter like that, he wanted to scold that person.

However, Zheng Yi kept him back.

“No matter how ugly I am, I will never be as ugly as you,” Zheng Yi retorted.

“Look at you now.

Youre no different than the beggars on the roadside.

Perhaps only a little cleaner than them.”

“Why cant you be a little cleaner” Chen Feibai was not angry.

The previous month had been very difficult for Chen Feibai and Zheng Yi, and they had bickered constantly.

However, perhaps that was how they provoked each others perseverance.

“Jiang Yao,” Chen Feibai called out to the woman whose eyes were already red.

He said, “Youre crying like a rabbit! So ugly! Why would Commander Lu fall for someone like you”

Jiang Yao choked.

Chen Feibais mouth was worse when he was in pain.

“Feibai, how can you say that to Jiang Yao” Chen Shanhe scolded as he frowned.

“Its okay.

Im used to it.” Jiang Yao waved her hand.

Then she turned to Chen Feibai and said, “After you return to Jindo City, remember to do the rehab exercises every day.

Old Master Chen has found experts for you, and they come highly recommended in the industry.

It may be tiring and long, but if you persevere, youll lose those crutches soon.

If there is any problem, dont hesitate to call me.

Also, take your meds on time.”

“I understand, Doctor Jiang.” The corners of Chen Feibais mouth twitched.

He had called her doctor sarcastically, but even he did not know why he did that.

That emotion baffled him.

“Zheng Yi, Im leaving now.

If you do come to Jindo City, please remember to look for this fellow patient who had been through thick and thin with you.

And when Im better, Ill look for you as well.

Chen Feibai and Zheng Yi smiled at each other.

Then, he waved at Jiang Yao.

“I know youll be going to Jindo City during winter break.

Dont look for me even if youre there.

I dont want to see you.

Im leaving now.

Theres no need to see me off.”

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