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Chapter 852: You Only Know How to Seduce Me

Lu Xingzhi was surprised when he received the Sun familys photos.

He realized there was a similarity between Jiang Yao and Mrs Sun when she was young.

If Jiang Yao and Sun Xiaoshan were only 70% alike, then Jiang Yao and an 18 or 19-year-old Mrs Sun looked like they were carved from the same mould.

The degree of similarity made Lu Xingzhi feel as if it might not be a coincidence.

He was afraid that Jiang Yao would think too much about it, so he did not mention it to her.

At that moment, he hesitated on his decision to investigate Mrs Sun.

Lu Xingzhi was afraid of the result.

What if he confirmed that the similarity between Jiang Yao and a young Mrs Sun was not a coincidence How would he face Jiang Yao

Therefore, he did not want to continue with the investigation.

Perhaps it was not a bad idea not to check things out.

His in-laws, including Jiang Yaos two brothers, loved her so much.

He had no reason to suspect that Jiang Yao was not their biological daughter.

So, perhaps, it was only an accidental resemblance.

Furthermore, perhaps Jiang Yao only looked like a young Mrs Sun.

The older womans appearance did not make Lu Xingzhi feel as if they were similar.

Jiang Yao felt inexplicably happy when Lu Xingzhi said that she and Sun Xiaoshan were only 70% similar.

“Do you think Im much more beautiful than her”

It was a shameless question, but Jiang Yao was also used to Lu Xingzhis habit of speaking to her straightforwardly.

Jiang Yao was even happier when she heard Lu Xingzhis deep laughter over the phone.

“I knew it! Im the most beautiful person in the world.”

Lu Xingzhi did not say anything, but his laughter became more pronounced.

Her two questions moved his heart; he really wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her.

Unfortunately, they were too far away.

“You only know how to seduce me.” His deep voice sounded really sexy at that very moment.

The two of them talked for a while until Jiang Yao heard Commander Lin called for Lu Xingzhi.

Only then did she end the call so that he could continue with his work.

When Jiang Yao returned to the house, she detected the delicious aroma from the cooked dishes.

She stood silently at the kitchen door and glared at the meat dishes that had been brought to the dining table.

Her eyes looked at the table longingly.

Could one slow time

For those who waited and anticipated, it would probably feel like a year.

Chen Feibai was the perfect example.

The acupuncture treatment had brought him pain beyond his imagination.

When the silver needles pierced his body, he did not feel much at first.

Gradually, his senses became clearer.

The pain scratched his heart and lungs as if it had pierced into his bones.

It was indescribable.

It was like ten thousand ants gnawed at him, but it felt more like

stabs into his bones.

Once for 40 minutes, twice a day.

Those 80 minutes was probably the most difficult time of Chen Feibais life.

It was even more painful than the moment when the fire swallowed him.

As for Zheng Yi, time was like a donkey that raised its hooves and refused to fall.

It was languid and undisciplined.

The initial pain was like the moment when she felt the sulfuric acid was splashed onto her face.

However, when she realized that Chen Feibai was in more pain than she did, she thought her pain was nothing compared to him.

Whenever she could not stand the pain, she would look at Chen Feibai.

She would see Jiang Yao give him the acupuncture treatment.

She would see him clenched his teeth in pain; his lips bled from his own bites.

His entire face would turn purple as he suffered the pain.

Jiang Yao did not use any anesthesia on him, so Chen Feibai could only endure it forcefully.

Zheng Yi could only gloat at the side.

When she was in a better mood, the pain in her body did not seem to matter.

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