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Chapter 851: Its Only 70% Accurate

Since she needed Zheng Yi to enter her system laboratory, she gave the same explanation she did to Chen Feibai.

She told Zheng Yis father that when the Divine Doctor took over the patient, he needed an isolated environment.

Therefore, the patient was not allowed visits for a while.

Jiang Yao was afraid that Zheng Yi would be frightened when she was alone, so she told Zheng Yi that Chen Feibai was also the Divine Doctors patient.

She wanted Zheng Yi to feel at ease; she did not expect her to be familiar with Chen Feibai.

After she listened to Zheng Yi, Jiang Yao found out that Zheng Yi had gone to Jindo to investigate a case the year after she graduated.

At that time, she happened to meet Chen Feibai, who had always caused trouble in the capital.

One would say that they met in a fight.

However, after she returned to Nanjiang City, Zheng Yi had not contacted Chen Feibai.

When she reached out to him again, she went to Rong County as a volunteer.

When Chen Feibai started his first acupuncture treatment, it was also the day Zheng Yi started to receive her treatment.

“No matter how much Chen Feibai may or may not recover, just try your best.

Dont put too much pressure on yourself.” Lu Xingzhi comforted Jiang Yao; he was afraid that her stubbornness and unyielding character would put a lot of pressure on her.

“I know.

I wont get pushed into a corner.” Jiang Yao also understood that she might not be able to do everything she wanted.

Even if she had a medical system, the system admin had told her that it was not omnipotent.

Even in their galaxy, people still grew old, got sick, and died.

“The Sun family in Ping City that Du Chen mentioned last time is investigating you.

I have also checked them out.

Do you still remember the nurse you met in the hospital who mistook you for Miss Sun She thought that Miss Sun was home.” Lu Xingzhi said, “Sun Xiaoshan was Second Brothers junior from the same school.

She had congenital heart disease, and she had not been in good health.

The nurse saw you in the hospital and thought that you looked familiar, so the Sun family ran an investigation on you.”

The Sun family from Ping City did not pose the slightest threat to Jiang Yao.

Even Lu Xingzhi did not take them seriously.

“They are only an ordinary family.

Sun Xiaoshans father is a professor at an ordinary university in Ping City.

She also has a younger brother who is still in high school.

Her mother used to work in a supply and marketing agency, but she resigned to take care of her daughter.

The Sun family did not have much money as they needed to treat Sun Xiaoshans illness.”

“We look alike, so theyre investigating me Is there something wrong with the Sun Family” Jiang Yao muttered unhappily.

“Do you look alike Why dont I think so” Lu Xingzhi had a file on the Sun family; there was also a photo of Sun Xiaoshan in it.

“It is easy to tell you apart; even at first glance, you look very different from Sun Xiaoshan.

Perhaps you are only 70% alike.”

Sun Xiaoshan had been in poor health since she was young, so she always had a sickly look on her face.

There was also a lingering sadness between her brows; it was as if she was a sentimental person.

As for Jiang Yao, she had been pampered by her family since she was a child.

Unlike Sun Xiaoshan, Jiang Yaos photos had a sunny vibe to them.

One could see that she was a lively and cheerful girl.

However, she was a little shy in front of the camera, so the smile on her lips was only half-revealed.

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