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Chapter 850: The World Is Very Small

Lu Xingzhi felt that his wifes impression of Huang Chengjing had gotten better while he was away.

Perhaps the man had started to work on his wife

Fortunately, Jiang Yaos words made him feel a little more at ease.

She said, “Ill do as I told you before; I wont help or stop them.

Ill let things go with the flow.

There was no need to ask why Lu Xingzhi looked down on Huang Chengjing.

He thought that Lu Yuqing was the best sister in the world.

Huang Chengjing was a widower, and he also had a daughter.

It would be his second marriage; he was not good enough for his sister.

“The gun I told you about will be delivered in a few days.

Its special and can pass any inspection, including bullets.

So, when you hide it, hide it well.

The range of this special gun is different from any other ordinary guns.

It has only three bullets.

When you get it, ask Ah Lu and Da Ke to teach you how to use it.”

After he said that, Lu Xingzhi sighed discreetly.

If he had a choice, he would have taught Jiang Yao how to use it personally.

When he thought about it, the two of them had only been separated for less than a week.

However, it had been hard for Lu Xingzhi to adapt to life without Jiang Yao.

Ever since Jiang Yao visited his family on National Day, it took him a long time to adapt to her absence.

The nights were particularly difficult as he missed his wifes soft embrace.

“My dear wife, its only two months until the new year.

During this period, the weather in Nanjiang city will start to cool.

Remember to take good care of yourself.” Lu Xingzhi talked about the cold weather again; he was worried that his wife would get sick.

It was too late to worry about starvation.

“Im not a three-year-old child.

I know such simple things!” Jiang Yao muttered a little impatiently.

However, she knew that Lu Xingzhi was worried because he was not by her side.

So, after a few words, she changed the topic to Chen Feibais treatment.

“Ive taken over Chen Feibais case for some time now.

His recovery is better than I expected.” That was good news.

She thought that Chen Feibai would still be the same after a week, but when she saw the last changes to his medication and also his skin condition, Jiang Yao decided to amend her original plans at the very last minute.

She extended the time for his medicine to an extra few more days.

“We will try the acupuncture treatment in three days.

I think hell be fine.” Jiang Yao believed in Chen Feibai.

Furthermore, the pain that he suffered during that period was to exchange for a chance to walk again.

It would be worth it.

“Sometimes, the world is really small.” Jiang Yaos exclamation was about Zheng Yi and Chen Feibai.

She did not expect that one was in Nanjiang City, and the other was in Jindo.

They were also not of the same age, but Zheng Yi and Chen Feibai knew each other.

Zheng Yi told her that she once went to Chengqi Hospitals temporary site after she rescued Chen Feibai.

She was probably there to see him.

For the past few days, Jiang Yao had been experimenting with virtual bodies in the system laboratory.

Then, she had adjusted the virtual bodies cycle.

The results were almost out, and Jiang Yao felt that it was feasible and worth a try.

When Zheng Yi called her the previous night, Jiang Yao had told her about the treatment plan.

However, she had used the Divine Doctors name.

She told Zheng Yi that her teacher had decided on that plan to treat her injuries.

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