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Chapter 849: Pomegranates in the Yard

Jiang Yao looked at Moes incredulous expression and laughed until her stomach hurt.

Someone had to give Moes confidence a good blow.

Jiang Yao did not know how to cook, and Lu Yuqing also did not learn how to cook.

Therefore, the housekeepers made all the meals in their house.

Jiang Yao brought Huang Chenchen outside to play.

Chairman Huang sat in the living room and talked to Manager Sun and Lin Techeng.

Huang Chengjing looked around the room, and since he did not have anything to do, he moved closer to Lu Yuqing.

Lu Yuqing could not stand Huang Chengjing when he hung around her for no reason at all.

When she went to the kitchen, Huang Chengjing stood at the door and waited for her.

When she went to the balcony, he followed her to enjoy the scenery.

“Why dont you stay in the living room and make some tea instead of following me” Lu Yuqing was annoyed by Huang Chengjing.

“Im not interested in the topic that my dad is talking about with them.” Huang Chengjing laughed.

Plus, he wanted to get closer to the people he was interested in.

When he saw Chenchen playing with Jiang Yao in the yard, his laughter was light.

“Miss Jiang seems to like children very much.”

“Yeah, she does like children very much.” Lu Yuqing knew that Jiang Yao was not joking when she said she would have children after graduation.

“You seem to like children as well.

Youre especially good with Chenchen,” Huang Chengjing said with a smile.

“Chenchen really dotes on you.”

“Thats because Chenchen is a lovable child.” Lu Yuqing loved children more than Jiang Yao, but she did not tell anyone that.

She had hope for a child of her own for many years.

Huang Chengjing did not know what was in Lu Yuqings mind.

However, he knew that her mind had drifted when she spoke to him.

Huang Chengjing knew that Lu Yuqing was a woman with a history.

Even though he was curious, he did not ask or deliberately investigate that.

He wanted Lu Yuqing to tell him personally one day.

“Chenchen said that she wants to plant a fruit tree in the yard next spring.” Huang Cheng paused and asked, “What kind of fruit do you like to eat Strawberries Mangoes Or Peaches”

Lu Yuqing glanced at Huang Chengjing and frowned.

She had a feeling that there was a hidden meaning behind his words.

She did not want the atmosphere to be awkward, so Lu Yuqing answered him.

“The pomegranate tree in our yard.” Then, she turned and left.

In the yard, Jiang Yao accompanied Chenchen to play with the cat for quite a while.

It was not until Lu Xingzhi called her that she sat on the stone bench in the yard to rest.

Two days ago, when Jiang Yao had called him, she told him that she and Lu Yuqing would move into the new house that day.

Therefore, she knew that he would call her.

After Jiang Yao picked up the phone, Lu Xingzhi asked her about the new house and the gun rooms renovation.

After he listened to Jiang Yaos answer, Lu Xingzhi changed the topic and asked, “Is Huang Chengjing there with his daughter Keep an eye on him, and dont let him get too close to my sister.”

“Do you hate him that much” Jiang Yao did not understand why Lu Xingzhi always looked down on Huang Chengjing.

“Huang Chengjing is a martial artist.

You know that.

He can protect your sister.

Isnt that good Chenchen also likes your sister very much, and she adores the child.

Chairman Huang is also a kind person.

He seems quite happy that Huang Chengjing is chasing after your sister.

He must be quite satisfied with her.”

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