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Chapter 846: Loyalty to the Country

Lin Techeng and the others moved into their residence on Saturday.

Even though it was only a temporary dormitory, the five of them loved to have fun.

So they called Jiang Yao, Lu Yuqing, and the others to their house to have some fun together.

Early Saturday morning, Ah Lu and Da Ke picked up Jiang Yao and brought her to Lin Techengs residence.

On the way, Ah Lu told Jiang Yao that the people who had followed Jiang Yao had entered Nanjiang City two days ago.

Jiang Yao had been at the school for the past two days, and those people could not enter the compound, so they rented a room near the school and waited for Jiang Yao to come out.

“If they want to keep an eye on me, let them do that then.” Jiang Yao laughed contemptuously.

If they could really find out anything about her, those people would be amazing.

“Didnt they say there are two private detectives”

“Those two followed Da Ke and me.” Ah Lu laughed.

“We brought them around the entire Nanjing City.

It was quite interesting.”

Da Kes interest was piqued.

He sat in the front passenger seat, so he turned around toward Jiang Yao and said, “Miss Jiang, those two private detectives followed Ah Lu and me yesterday, so we brought them to a teahouse.

We pretended that we were there to meet someone, and when we left, we left them a note that says, loyal to the country!”

Jiang Yao drank some water when Da Ke spoke, and when he said loyal to the country, she spat out a mouthful of water.

“Next time, dont tell such a funny joke when Im drinking water.” Jiang Yao quickly took a handkerchief from her bag and wiped the water stains on her clothes.

“Da Ke, you did a good job! As a citizen of our country, youve worked for people from other countries.

You should attend a political education class.”

“You are right, Miss Jian.” Da Ke nodded repeatedly.

It was only casual chit-chat; Jiang Yao did not expect Da Ke to be so funny.

However, she knew she was right.

She could capture the two private detectives and give them a two-hour ideological and political lesson.

She could use all the patriotism that she had learned in the army and brainwash those two detectives.

Jiang Yao arrived early.

Hong Ke and his wife went to buy some vegetables with Xiao An.

Only Xiao Yuan and Qiong Hui, who was playing with the cat, were in the house.

The house looked spotless.

“Miss Jiang! Ah Lu, Da Ke!” When they saw Jiang Yao and the other two come into the house, Qiong Hui grabbed Mimis paw and greeted Jiang Yao.

Moe, who was hiding in Jiang Yaos backpack, heard Mimis meows.

He popped his head out and laid his two front paws on Jiang Yaos shoulders.

Moe stuck his head out and looked at Mimi.

Then he said, “So ugly!”

Then, Moe retreated into Jiang Yaos backpack.

Jiang Yao shook Moe from her backpack and put him back on the ground.

Then, she put the bag on the sofa and went to take Mimi from Xiao Yuans hands.

As she had been with everyone for a long time, Mimi had grown a little more daring.

When she was in Jiang Yaos arms, she would struggle for a while before she jumped onto the ground.

Then, she looked at Moe with curiosity, but she did not dare to approach him.

“Miss Jiang, I heard from Manager Sun that you have a beautiful white cat.

Today, Im finally fortunate enough to see him.

Hes so cute!” Little Yuans heart softened when he saw Moe, and he immediately threw Mimi to the back of his mind.

He turned around; he wanted to hug Moe.

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