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It was the same dish, at the same price.

Others would get three shakes with their spoonful, but Jiang Yao would get spoonful after spoonful.

The old lady even tried her best to persuade Jiang Yao.

“Its hard to learn from a master, so you must eat a lot.

Your body will only be better with enough nutrition.”

Every time Jiang Yao returned to her seat with a tray, her roommates would bombard her and take some of her food.

Moe was still afraid that Jiang Yao was up to something, so it stuck with her the whole morning.

However, when the morning classes had ended.

Moe realized that Jiang Yao did not intend to leave the school, so it decided to leave her alone.

Jiang Yao only found out about what happened to Lin Shunhe in the evening when she received a call from Manager Sun.

By the time she found out, Gu Haoyu had already finished dealing with everything.

“Lin Shunhe was stuck on the roof for a long time.

He couldnt see the director or Miss Jiang.

Later, he became more and more agitated.

A few times, he really wanted to jump off the building, but then he retreated.

Many reporters heard about the incident, and He Maoming couldnt stop them from going there.

Some of the reporters asked him why he wanted to jump.”

Jiang Yao snorted.

“Lin Shunhe would never tell the truth.

He must have told them he was framed, right”

“You are right, Miss Jiang.

Lin Shunhe said you forced him and how Chengqi Hospital didnt give him a way out, and they slandered him.

However, you have many seniors who are interns at that hospital.

They refuted his claims until he was speechless.

He said that they only wanted to protect you, so they are forcing him to jump.

He also said that if he were to die today, then you and Chengqi Hospitals director would be his murderers.” Manager Sun laughed out loud.

“The standoff lasted for too long.

Lin Shunhe lost the fight, and the police managed to drag him back.

He couldnt jump even if he wanted to.”

When the reporters wanted to report on that incident, Gu Haoyu told Manager Sun to pull some strings.

He spent a lot of money to withdraw all the reporters reports.

“Second Young Master Gu thought its better if no one knows that you are only a medical student.

The secret is safer if fewer people were to know about it.

If those reports go out, they would say that you are a medical student.

Those reporters dont have a conscience, and nothing good would come out of those reports.” Manager Sun explained it to Jiang Yao.

“Director Ye also helped a lot.

He said that Miss Jiang is a freshman, after all.

He feels that it is his duty to protect you.”

Manager Sun did not tell Jiang Yao that Gu Haoyu took the initiative to introduce Director Yes daughter to a famous professor.

That would significantly open a window for the young lady to study abroad, but it would depend on her ability to grab it.

Even so, Director Ye was grateful toward Second Young Master Gu.

Jiang Yao felt inexplicably amused.

“Lin Shunhe wont stay in Nanjiang City after this.

Get someone to keep an eye on him.

Dont let him do things to me behind my back.

This person is too narrow-minded and annoying.” Jiang Yao hummed.

After Lin Shunhe left Nanjiang city, she no longer had to keep an eye on a man who liked to stir trouble for her.

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