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Chapter 840: Lets Create Glory Together

“The Qi family wants Changkang Groups contracts, from design to construction,” Lu Yuqing said.

“Ive examined their company, and I think its not bad.”

“Miss Jiang, over the years, many notable projects in Nanjiang City have come from the Qi familys company.

For example, the Nanjiang city government, Shengqi Hospital that Miss Jiang now owns, and the Hairun Groups building.” Manager Sun thought that the Qi family was quite capable in that area; that was why Lu Yuqing invited Jiang Yao to join them that night.

“For the design part, I have agreed to hand it to Fifth Brothers company.

Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother also have a stake in the Changkang Group.” Jiang Yao spread her hands.

“I went to see Fifth Brothers company when I was in Jindo, and I especially loved his design.”

Jiang Yao was a straightforward person.

She had agreed with the two brothers, and she could not kick them out just because Changkang Group had enough money to do that.

After she said that, Jiang Yao looked at Qi Xiangs father.

She said, “Mr Qi, Ive decided to hand the design part to another shareholder of our company.

He has his own design company, so Changkang Group has agreed to give them the contract.

However, their company doesnt care about post-construction work.

So, if youre willing, we can hand that part to your company.

You can work with them on that.”

Since Lu Yuqing and Manager Sun both approved the Qi family, Jiang Yao would not continue to hold the matter against Qi Xiang.

It had already been a few months since she agreed to take over the Shengqi Hospital from Qi Xiang; she had long put those matters behind her.

Therefore, since the Qi family wanted to cooperate with her, she was willing to give them an opportunity to do that.

However, it would be up to the Qi family for the final decision, especially since they would not need to handle the design aspect.

Even if they were to reject her offer, there were still many other companies that would want the chance to work with them.

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, Gu Haoyu nodded and said, “Fifth Brother did mention that on the phone.” However, he had forgotten about it.

He only remembered when Jiang Yao mentioned it.

Mr Qi was a businessman.

He knew that the decision was the most beneficial to him and the company.

After he heard that Jiang Yao had handed the design part to another Changkang Groups shareholder, and she could only give them the construction part, he hesitated for only about three seconds before he agreed to that.

“Then, thank you, Miss Jiang, for letting bygones be bygones and giving the Qi family this opportunity!” Mr Qi stood up and raised his wine glass.

“Miss Jiang, this toast is for you!”

“Please, there is no need for that.

Its still too early for you to thank me.

After the design blueprint is out, well have to wait for your company to make an offer before we can discuss the cooperation.” Jiang Yao was not stupid.

She could not let the Qi family offer them a sky-high price even though she handed them the project.

She could not let them slaughter her like a little lamb.

Mr Qi chuckled; he was quick to smooth things over.

“You are right, Miss Jiang, but dont worry.

We will definitely give Changkang group the lowest and most affordable price.

Since you have class tomorrow, well drink tea instead.

Lets wish Changkang Corporation and the Qi family smooth cooperation in the future.

Lets create glory together!”

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