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Chapter 839: Conduct and Control

“I heard about the Zhu family.” After Huang Chenjings return, that was the most surprising news that he had heard.

He did not expect that Young Master Lu would ask the Zhu family to withdraw their company from the market in Nanjiang City.

The news surprised and shocked him.

Even though the Zhu family was not a local company in Nanjiang city, they were quite prominent in Providence As Ping City.

However, they had obeyed Lu Xingzhis threat and decisively withdrew from the market in Nanjiang City.

The Zhu family had closed their original store; not a single worker was left.

Huang Chenjing heard that all their staff had been laid off.

They only brought a small portion of their employees back to Province A; some were assigned to other posts in other cities.

The Zhu family had a huge jewelry company, but they had withdrawn just like that.

However, there was no news from the Zhu familys head.

Huang Chengjing felt as if it was all only a story.

Jiang Yao had never asked about the Zhu familys matters, so when she heard Huang Chengjing mentioned them, she looked at Gu Haoyu.

Lu Xingzhi must have handed the matter to Gu Haoyu when he went back.

When he realized that Jiang Yao was looking at him, Gu Haoyu said slowly, “The Zhu familys head said they would withdraw from the Nanjiang market.

They can take Zhu Qianlan out of the country when they have done that.”

The Zhu familys head had been alerted about the incident.

After all, Nanjiang city was such a big market, and it was not a decision that Zhu Shisan could make on his own.

The Zhu familys head was indeed someone worthy of the position.

He made his decision very quickly.

A niece who did not have many skills or a nephew who had courage and wisdom—he knew what was best for the Zhu family.

Gu Haoyu had also received a call from someone in Ping City.

It looked like the Zhu family had published that they had expelled Zhu Qianlan from their family.

“Thank you, Second Brother.

I originally have you here to help me with the research institute, but in the end, I even asked you to help me with these trivial matters.” Jiang Yao felt really bad.

After all, Gu Haoyu was also busy with his work, but he had spent so much time in Nanjiang city.

His own work must have been delayed all the time.

“I didnt really do anything.

It was all arranged by Lu Xingzhi.” Gu Haoyu did not want to take credit for it.

It was all arranged by Lu Xingzhi; he only followed up with that.

It was due to Lu Xingzhis means and ability that they could force the Zhu family to that extent.

However, after the matter was completed, it was time for Gu Haoyu to leave Nanjiang city.

He had already booked a plane ticket to leave in two days.

Manager Sun and Lu Yuqing waited until Jiang Yao and Gu Haoyu finished talking before they spoke.

Lu Yuqing was not someone who liked to socialize.

The reason she was there that night was because of the matter with the Qi family.

“Jiang Yao, Huang Chengjing has another reason for todays meal.” Lu Yuqing had only heard about the Qi family from him that day.

She heard about what Qi Xiang had wanted to do to Jiang Yao and then about how the Qi family lost the Shengqi Hospital because of it.

Lu Yuqing thought that the Qi family was fortunate.

After all, if Lu Xingzhi were to go crazy over that matter, no one could stop him.

Therefore, Lu Yuqing finally understood what details Jiang Yao had omitted from her words.

The Qi family had wanted to cooperate with Changkang Group, but because of the previous incident between Qi Xiang and Jiang Yao, they could only look for Huang Chengjing.

Then, the man looked for Lu Yuqing and Manager Sun to have a business discussion.

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