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Chapter 835: It Depends On You

Wen Xuehui was her best friend, and Zheng Yi was the woman she admired the most.

So, if she could get the two of them to become friends, Jiang Yao would be quite happy.

After her roommates were asleep at night, Jiang Yao entered the system again and called the system admin.

She wanted him to be Zheng Yis virtual patient.

When the system admin told her that Chen Feibai had woken up, she went to see him instead.

The first question that Chen Feibai asked when he saw Jiang Yao was, “How long do I have to lie like this For a while Or for the rest of my life”

“Whether its for the time being or the rest of your life depends on how much physical pain you can endure.

It depends on how far you can persist.” Jiang Yao picked up his physical condition record for the past few days and looked through them.

The system would have automatically recorded the information, and it looked like Chen Feibais recovery for the past few days had been pretty good.

“What do you mean” Chen Feibai watched as Jiang Yao flipped through the booklet in her hand and wrote on it with a pen.

At that moment, she looked like a doctor.

Perhaps it was because he was too familiar with Jiang Yao that Chen Feibai found it difficult to treat her as his attending physician.

“Looking at your current condition, you should be able to undergo the first stage of treatment in about four to five days.

I will give you acupuncture to stimulate all the major acupoints and joints in your body.

If you can endure this kind of pain until the final treatment is over, then you should be able to undergo rehabilitation training after the treatment is over.” Jiang Yaos answer was very clear; there was no need to hide such things from Chen Feibai.

However, after that, Jiang Yao added a few more words to motivate her patient.

“Other people might not be able to endure it, but I think youll be fine.

After all, you are not afraid of death.”

“Pfft.” Chen Feibai mocked himself.

“Death is nothing.

The scariest thing is if life is worse than death, or life after leaving the hospital.”

“Young man, dont give up on yourself.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“You have endured so much hardship in the flood.

Dont tell me youre afraid of living now Today, I consulted a girl.

She was a female police officer.

Her face had been disfigured by a criminals mother, who poured sulfuric acid on her.

That woman had the courage to face this society ever so calmly.

Even when she was with a doctor like me, she comforted me by saying that she had already gotten used to her current life.

Youre a man.

How can you be less than a woman”

“Dont provoke me.

That trick wont work on me.” Chen Feibai sneered at her.

He saw through Jiang Yaos intention with one glance.

“I dont mean to provoke you.

I just want you to know that you are not the only one going through this kind of situation.

There are many people like you, and they have the courage to face it.

Why dont you” Jiang Yao touched Chen Feibais bald head and smiled.

“If it doesnt work out, you can still become a monk, right Look, you dont even have to worry about your hairstyle.”

“F*ck you!” Chen Feibai gritted his teeth and cursed.

The disappointment and desolation in his heart were swept away by Jiang Yaos last sentence.

“This is more like you, Chen Feibai.

To continue grieving is not something you should do.” After Jiang Yao said that, she left Chen Feibai so that he could rest.

Then, she got ready to leave.

Just as she was about to turn around and go, Chen Feibai suddenly said, “A female police officer whose face was disfigured by the criminals mother who poured sulfuric acid on her.

Even if her face was disfigured, she is still a hero, a person everyone else would always remember.

As for me, when I walk out of here, I will be an ugly monster who has committed a serious offense.”

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