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Chapter 833: Its Better if You Dont Understand It

She would be able to give Chen Feibai his first acupuncture treatment to stimulate his joints in only a few more days.

When she realized that Chen Feibai was in a deep sleep, Jiang Yao could only tell him softly to sleep well while he could still do that.

After she exited the medical system, Jiang Yao got out of bed; she scared the girls who were whispering to each other.

“Werent you asleep” Chen Siyang asked.

“I woke up again,” Jiang Yao replied calmly.

“Did we wake you up” Lin Qiaoyu was about to apologize when Jiang Yao told them that they did not

“I suddenly remembered that I had something to do, so I woke up.

It had nothing to do with you guys; please continue eating and chatting.” Jiang Yao got down from her bed and returned to her desk.

Then, she picked up a blank notebook and pen and started to write and draw in it.

When the girls saw her like that, they walked behind her curiously to take a look—there were different expressions on their faces.

“Wow, a genius hard at work!” Chen Siyang was surprised.

“Are these medical terms What else Wound debridement surgery—what is that in front of this debridement surgery Why cant I understand it” Wen Xuehui tapped on Jiang Yaos notebook with a confused look.

“What are these terms I cant understand it at all!”

“Its good that you cant understand it.” Jiang Yao smiled.

Wen Xuehui had only been at school for two months, so how could she understand her professional terms Furthermore, most of the words written in her notebook were names of the medicine in the system.

The names were not easy to write, so she used abbreviations to replace them.

Jiang Yao could not imagine the treatment plans that she had seen in the system; her scalp felt numb when she thought about it.

After she tried her best to understand it, Jiang Yao managed to develop a treatment plan according to the systems theoretical database.

The first step was to apply medicine to the affected area to stimulate the cells there.

It did not sound like too much of a big deal, but the first step was the scariest because it involved very strong medicine.

Since they had missed the best treatment time, the goal was to recover the injured parts.

However, that was equivalent to causing a second injury to the patient.

The second step was debridement—removed the dead and deactivated tissue.

The third step was local skin grafting, followed by pharmacology, and finally, the last step was the laser instrument to remove the scar.

For such a severe injury, the laser instrument could not remove the scar completely.

It would only reduce its appearance.

When she took over Chen Feibais case, Jiang Yao asked the system admin if the laser scar removal device in the laboratory would help the treatment plan.

Unfortunately, she received a negative response.

Chen Feibai had been severely burned, and the wound was too extensive.

In Zheng Yis case, there was strong corrosion, but it involved a much smaller area.

Therefore, it was necessary to try the device.

After she sorted the plan, Jiang Yao did not dare to inform Zheng Yi as the treatment method was a little unbelievable.

In the first step, they would have to apply highly stimulating medicine to the wound.

They would need to use a small dose of anesthesia with that, but even then, the patient would still be in pain after it wore off.

Since the wound was on a female patients face, Jiang Yao decided to be more cautious.

She wanted to test it on a virtual patient in the system before she mentioned it to Zheng Yi.

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