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Chapter 832: Its equally difficult

The system admin showed the results to Jiang Yao.

“The current medicine for burn victims has no effect on this patient.”

Jiang Yao guessed that burns and corrosion were two different causes, so the same medicine would not affect the other injury.

“Can you pull it up and see if the system library has a treatment plan for this kind of situation” There was too much theoretical knowledge in the two systems, and after a power upgrade, Jiang Yao did not have enough time to learn all the content.

Therefore, she could only ask the system admin if she did not have any useful methods in mind.

“Well, if I had managed to take over the treatment for her injuries when she got injured, I might have a way to help her.” Jiang Yao touched her chin and thought about it.

“Her initial treatments are limited, and there are not enough conditions to help her, but there might be some drugs and instruments in the system that can be used to aid her recovery.

If I had the opportunity to use these items during her initial treatment, the wounds on her cheeks might not be as severe after her recovery.

There might still be minimal scars, but they can be covered by daily makeup.”

That was why Jiang Yao felt regretful.

She had met Zheng Yi at the wrong time.

She had missed the best chance to give her the best treatment.

It was similar to Chen Feibais case.

She had managed to take over his treatment as soon as possible, so she could use the systems valuable resources to treat Chen Feibai immediately.

Therefore, when he finally could go for rehabilitation training, even though there would still be scars on his body, it was still better than the regular treatment.

He would not even need to deal with any disability issue.

The medical skills that Jiang Yao had learned from the system had been enough to deal with patients who suffered corrosion injuries caused by chemicals such as sulfuric acid.

However, Zheng Yi had suffered the wounds for several years, and she had missed the best time for treatment, so Jiang Yao did not know what to do.

So, she asked the system admin for help.

“Corrosion injuries are just as difficult to deal with as burn wounds.” The system admin shook his head.

“Its impossible for this patient to recover to her normal condition.”

“That means theres still room for treatment.

We can at least help her get better, right” Jiang Yao realized that the system admin did not mention death, so that would mean he had found a method that she could access.

Even though she usually despised the system admin, he could still be useful.

Sometimes, she even used him like a search engine—to search for any information she wanted.

That function was only available after she operated on Lu Xingzhi in Jindo.

The system admin nodded and pulled the content that Jiang Yao wanted to see from the Western medicine storehouse.

Then, he said, “You may refer to this, but Im not sure if its suitable for your usage.”

Jiang Yao nodded and then focused her attention on the content that the system admin had given her.

After she read it for more than ten minutes, she was stunned.

Before Jiang Yao exited the system, she went to check on Chen Feibai.

He had managed to maintain his mental state because the nutrient solution that the system had prepared was better than the ones from other hospitals.

However, he had been in a coma for most of the time.

With the system admin around, there was no need for Jiang Yao to make a special trip to change the medicine, so she felt a little more relaxed.

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