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Chapter 830: Its all in the past

Mr Zheng said, “I regret that I let her become a police officer.

But even though Im her father, I couldnt stop her.

It was her work that caused her injuries.”

Even though it had been years since the incident happened, My Zheng sobbed.

“My daughter was an outstanding police officer.

She handled hundreds of cases while she was in the force.

She was injured because she brought a criminal to justice and sent him to prison.

The criminals mother had begged for mercy, but when that had failed, she ambushed Xiao Yi at the police station entrance and splashed acid on her face when she walked out the door.”

At that point in the story, Mr Zheng was in a rage.

“But you know what Do you know what that criminal did Murder! That womans son was a serial killer.

He had killed and raped five young girls within two years.

He even dismembered them! His methods were ruthless! When her son was caught, he said that he was not in the wrong.

It was all those girls who were wrong, and those girls deserved to die! That mother pleaded on her sons behalf; she said that her son was pitiful as he grew up without a father, and his victims were not innocent girls.

That was why he killed her.

She said that she only had one son and that the police were trying to force her, a mother, to her death!”

“Dad, dont say that.

Its all in the past.” Zheng Yi reached out and gently held her fathers hand to comfort him.

“Those who deserve to be punished have received the punishment they deserve.

No matter what, at least Im still alive.

Isnt that a good thing”

“Whats so good about it You know that better than I do.

And I know about all the pain that youve been through these past few years.” Mr Zheng sobbed softly.

“You were such an outstanding criminal police officer.

After the incident, you had no choice but to be transferred to the archive department.

You resigned from the police station and didnt want to go out and talk to anyone.

I watched you as you tortured yourself.

My heart ached for you.”

When Zheng Yi had been discharged from the hospital, her state of mind was quite good.

She had also followed her superiors orders and agreed to be transferred to the archives department to manage the files.

However, every time she went out, the crowd would look at her differently, especially the children.

They would be so frightened that they would burst into tears.

Then, Zheng Yi quit her job and was unwilling to go out.

Jiang Yao also felt uncomfortable when she heard that.

An outstanding police officers life was ruined because of a mother who doted on her son.

That mother had crossed the line, and she had no legal awareness.

“My husband is a soldier.

I admire him as much as you do a police officer.” Jiang Yao extended her hand toward Zheng Yi and said, “Lets be friends.

Hello, Im Jiang Yao! Im a medical student at Nanjiang City Medical University!”

At that moment, no matter how scary Zheng Yis injury had looked, Jiang Yao thought of her as that high-spirited police officer.

The woman was still that outstanding and proud police officer.

Jiang Yaos action shocked the other three people in the room.

“Actually, Ive seen you before.

You were in Rong County.” After Zheng Yi snapped back to her senses, she extended her scarred limb and shook hands with Jiang Yao.

Unlike her ice-cold fingertips, Jiang Yaos palm felt very warm, just like her personality.

Her slight smile could penetrate the bottom of ones heart.

That was the first time after her accident that Zheng Yi saw someone smile so sincerely at her.

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