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Chapter 826: Youre Already His

It was only the end of November, so there were still two and a half months until February 14th.

How could the guy remind her to prepare a birthday present so early

Was he afraid that she would not remember and not prepare anything for him

Perhaps he was too excited to celebrate his birthday with her

As she thought about that, Jiang Yao retrieved her phone again and opened the calendar.

She looked at the dates for next February, and when she confirmed that the date was included in the countdown for their winter vacation, she began to think about his question.

Since Lun Xingshi looked forward to that day, he would probably get upset if she did not prepare a gift for him.

So, what should she get him

Jiang Yao did not come up with anything even after her classes.

“Have you gone crazy Your expression keeps changing during our last class,” Wen Xuehui asked Jiang Yao.

“Whats on your mind”

“Im thinking about what I should give someone for their birthday,” Jiang Yao said.

“Clothes, maybe But he doesnt seem to lack that.

He still hasnt worn the new clothes that I bought for him.”

Wen Xuehui said, “Hes in the army all day and wears training and military uniforms.

He cant wear regular clothes.

Its useless even if you buy too many for him.

Is there anything that he wanted Or wanted you to give him Maybe you can tie a bow around your neck and give yourself to him.”

Then, Wen Xuehui shook her head.

“Wait, maybe not; youre already married.

Youre already his anyway, so you cant use this idea.

Your husband doesnt lack money or clothes.

Oh, right! You can cook a meal for him!”

Jiang Yao noticed that Wen Xuehui got even more excited as she spoke.

She shook her head and interrupted her friend.

“Hes always the one who cooks for me, even when were in the barracks.

If I went to the kitchen to help wash the vegetables, he wouldnt let me do that either.

Furthermore, I cant cook.”

“Whats the point of him having you, then Youre so done!” Wen Xuehui pushed Jiang Yao lightly with a look of disdain on her face.

“Whats with that expression Do you know how to cook” Jiang Yao laughed and scoffed at Wen Xuehui.

Her friend was the Wen familys pampered daughter; she was utterly spoiled.

What was the difference between her and Jiang Yao anyway

“Well, Im not married yet! Why would I cook” Wen Xuehui looked at Jiang Yao as if she had gone crazy.

“And I didnt get married to become a chef in my husbands family.

Why do I need to know how to cook just because Im married” Jiang Yao asked matter-of-factly.

Then, she raised her hand and touched the tip of her nose.

“Its not that I dont know how to cook.

Its just that I cant cook well.

My parents didnt want me to cook while I was at home.

Even though my mother nagged that girls still have to learn some housework, she always complained when I did this and that.

If I used the knife, she was afraid that Id hurt myself.

When I wanted to wash the vegetables, she was afraid that Id be hot if it were summer or cold when it was winter.

One time, I got splashed by hot oil when I was cooking, and her heart ached so much that I wasnt allowed to do that again.”

Jiang Yao shrugged helplessly.

“So, when I got married, I didnt learn that many dishes.

I can only fry eggs and stir-fry vegetables.”

Wen Xuehui held her stomach as she laughed loudly.

“Your mother and my mother are exactly the same.

Every time she talks about my housework, she feels so conflicted!”

Then, Wen Xuehui said, “Forget it.

Your husband can cook and doesnt want you to do that.

This is also because he loves you.

If a man is willing to dote on you, youll just have to enjoy it.”

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