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Chapter 820: A Complicated Illness

Therefore, at that moment, he suddenly realized that his wife was much more powerful than he had imagined.

She had so much professional knowledge that he did not know; he needed the laymans terms to understand them.

Both of them did not have any common topics in their work, but fortunately, Jiang Yao did not seem to mind that at all.

“This patients condition is a little complicated.” Jiang Yaos fingertip tapped on the report.

“Co-existing thyroid disease and hepatitis are not easy to treat.

Interferon is an important drug for chronic viral hepatitis treatment, but it may cause more serious abnormalities.

Furthermore, antithyroid drugs may even aggravate liver damage.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lin Shunhe nodded repeatedly.

“For example, propylthiouracil can cause liver damage, and methimazole can cause cholestatic jaundice.

It may bring challenges to the control and treatment of hepatitis.

These two diseases are co-existing, so it is difficult to treat either first.”

Lin Shunhe followed up very quickly and anxiously.

His explanation verified that it was not that he did not know anything about the case, but it was too complicated.

Jiang Yao and Professor Ouyang glanced at Lin Shunhe tacitly.

The professor did not intend to pay any attention to Lin Shunhe.

Instead, he looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Continue.”

Jiang Yao nodded and said, “For patients with severe liver damage, radiation iodine treatment is necessary because the use of antithyroid drugs may aggravate the liver damage.

There is a decrease in white blood cells during the interferon process.

At this time, immediately stop the interferon and use nucleoside analogues to continue the antiviral treatment.

After stopping interferon, the white blood cell count should rise.

Treatment for hyperthyroidism will be selected according to the recovery of the white blood cells.

If necessary, radioactive iodine should be given to the patient.”

After she was done, she noticed a frown on Professor Ouyangs face.

Jiang Yao continued to say, “I cant make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan just by looking at the case.

To treat the patients thyroid disease and hepatitis, we need to pay close attention and monitor the details of each stage of the patients body.

Only then can we consider changing the medication and treatment plan at any time according to the patients actual condition.

We can only say that the treatment process for this patient is rather tedious and troublesome.”

After Jiang Yao completed her diagnosis, Professor Ouyang finally relaxed his brows and nodded in satisfaction.

“Youre right.

Just looking at the case alone wont give you an accurate treatment plan and diagnosis! As a doctor, you should have such a strict attitude and not just speak without thinking.”

Previously, he had urged Jiang Yao to speak boldly, but then he had turned around and said that one should not talk without any serious thoughts about their words.

It seemed like Professor Ouyang had dug a massive hole for Jiang Yao.

Therefore, he was delighted with Jiang Yaos attitude toward the cases.

“Your teacher has taught you well! No wonder he was willing to take you as a student when he performed the surgery.

Not only do you have talent, but you must have also studied hard!” The more Professor Ouyang looked at Jiang Yao, the more satisfied he was with her performance.

“If you were my student, I would also be willing to teach you every day.”

“Am I not also your student” Jiang Yao smiled lightly.

She was indeed Professor Ouyangs student.

He had taught her everything that she knew.

Therefore, he was her teacher too.

Her personality in her previous life made her distant from her teachers, but she was a changed person.

She was no longer the depressed girl who would not speak for an entire day.

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