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Chapter 814: Follow and watch

Professor Ouyang nodded at Jiang Yao and then looked at the man who held Jiang Yaos hand.

Without a doubt, that man must be Jiang Yaos husband.

“Doctor Lin, you should have gone to your workplace in the hospital to start your work for the day.

Why are you here at our school for no reason at all” Professor Ouyang stood in front of Jiang Yao.

It was clear that as a professor, he wanted to protect his student, Jiang Yao.

“Our student, Jiang Yao, may be young, but she is a great teacher and a great student! She has a teacher who is famous in the medical community.

What she could learn from her teacher, even for just a few short years, would be more than what you would learn in your ten years of medical studies.

This is her ability, talent, and luck.

Other people shouldnt be envious of her.”

Professor Ouyang chuckled.

It was not a sneer but belly-deep laughter as he had thought of something that made him very proud.

“Students! Do you still remember how your fellow student, Jiang Yao, saved a guest in the restaurant back when school started In the report, a doctor praised her for having professional and experienced first aid skills.

Those who didnt know her thought she was an experienced doctor with several years of clinical work under her belt.

Does everyone still remember this”

“Yes! Yes! All of us had chased after this report!” a student in the crowd responded enthusiastically.

“Well, everyone in the entire school had chased after that report.

We even became famous in the city.

Once, I was eating breakfast outside the school, and when the stall owner heard that I was a medical student from Nanjiang Medical University, he insisted that he couldnt charge me.

He said that medical students like us, who would graduate from the school in the future, are all good doctors who can treat illnesses and save lives!”

Their school had experienced a great atmosphere that month, and everyone was enthusiastic to learn more in their studies.

It made all Nanjiang Medical Universitys students feel honored.

When they walked out of the school gate, they felt as if they were more dignified than students from other schools.

“Well, what that doctor said was right.

Jiang Yao has a teacher, and he is a legend in the medical community.

Do you know what the medical community calls her teacher

As soon as he mentioned that, Professor Ouyang could not hide his excitement.

“Divine Doctor! Divine Doctor! We call Jiang Yaos teacher, Divine Doctor!”

Professor Ouyang repeated the words—Divine Doctor—three times before he was willing to give up.

“You probably dont know what this Divine Doctor could do.

Let me tell you about his good deeds.

Divine Doctor got his name because of two surgeries that have become two myths in the medical community.”

Once Professor Ouyang opened his mouth, he immediately forgot what he had been doing.

He called out to a few familiar-looking students from the medical faculty, regardless of their major, and then began his lecture on the spot.

His lecture had attracted many students, and in only a short while, many students had surrounded the professor.

Even Jiang Yao could not see the professors figure as she stood outside the lecture circle; she could only hear his voice.

“You have a fascinating professor.” Lu Xingzhi listened as Professor Ouyang told the students about the two operations that Divine Doctor had performed at the Jingdou Military General Hospital.

He lowered his eyes and looked at Jiang Yao, who stood beside him.

He saw a hint of helplessness in her eyes, but he could only raise his hand to pat her head as an act of comfort.

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