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Chapter 813: Disregard for Human Life

Qualifications She did not have any at that moment, but she had performed countless surgeries, and she had never failed any of them.

Even the people in Jindo called her the Divine Doctor.

Could lack of a certification stop her from the operating theater

If she had the talent, then she was qualified for the task.

If there were something that she could not do at that moment, then she would not disregard the patients safety and use her name to treat the patients life as an experiment.

She could not take this risk, and she would not do something that disregarded human life.

“You dont know anything! Once you enter the surgery, you disregard human life! You treat the patients life as a joke!” Lin Shunhes face was red, and his neck was thick—he was angry with Jiang Yaos attitude.

He had revealed what she had done, but she did not panic at all.

“You said that I dont know anything, but does that mean I really dont know anything at all Lin Shunhe, if I am not knowledgeable, how could I have defeated you to become a training officer If I dont know anything, would the army have allowed me to become a training teacher and treat so many soldiers lives as a joke Lin Shunhe, do you really think that you are the only person in the world who is qualified to be a doctor Or do you think that everyone in the world is the same as you—that they have to wait until they are your age to understand the world a little better”

Just as Jiang Yao finished her speech, a round of applause echoed from afar.

“Student Jiang Yao is right! Not all professions are based on age and seniority! As doctors, experience is essential, but age does not represent experience.”

It was a professor from one of Jiang Yaos classes.

He was the only one who knew that she was the Divine Doctor.

When he heard that Lin Shunhe doubts about Jiang Yao in the operating theater, he knew that the man must have seen them when he brought Jiang You into the surgery room.

It was apparent that the man had targeted Jiang Yao and wanted to smear her name.

“Its Professor Ouyang!” A medical student at the side recognized the professor at a glance; his first reaction was to run away quickly.

Everyone knew that Professor Ouyang was a bad-tempered professor who could scold people with a single word.

They wanted to leave because they did not want him to recognize them.

However, it was rare for Professor Ouyang to praise someone, so they also thought they would lose out if they did not watch that scene.

Therefore, as soon as Professor Ouyang arrived, the medical students tried their best to hide behind him—they were unwilling to leave.

“I recognize you.

You are the new doctor in the Shengqi Hospital.” After Professor Ouyang went to Jiang Yao, he adjusted his glasses on his nose bridge to look at Lin Shunhe carefully—he had seen him before.

“I saw your resume when I went to your directors office some time ago.”

After he recognized Lin Shunhe, Professor Ouyang laughed.

Then he looked at Jiang Yao—he felt that it was an interesting matter.

Jiang Yao was Shengqi Hospitals largest shareholder, and that meant Lin Shunhe was her employee.

Did he go to his boss school to slander her reputation

Professor Ouyang thought that Jiang Yao, as a boss, must be depressed.

It was no different than if one had swallowed a fly.

“Jiang Yao, it looks like this kid doesnt know your identity” Professor Ouyang asked.

Jiang Yao shrugged.

“Only a few knew, and Professor, you are one of them.”

When Professor Ouyang heard that, he felt inexplicably proud.

It seemed like he had a special place in Jiang Yaos heart even though he had only taught her a few classes.

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