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Chapter 808: Saving Time

There was a carpet on the floor.

Lu Xingzhi laid on his back and looked at the bathroom door that had been slammed shut with a bang.

Then, he lowered his head and looked at the blanket that she had thrown at the door.

He chuckled and stood up unhurriedly.

He fumbled around the bedside table, took a black clip and walked toward the bathroom.

He took the doorknob in his hands, and in less than ten seconds, it was opened.

Lu Xingzhi dumped the things in his hands, threw the blanket on the ground back onto the bed, and quickly went into the bathroom.

“Wife, lets take a shower together.

Itll save us time!”

The next second, Jiang Yaos terrified cries came from the bathroom.

However, those cries did not last long.

Very soon, it was another sound that made people blush.

The following day, when Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao both woke up in bed, it was already impossible for Lu Xingzhi to make his flight.

The flight was at 10:30, and it was already 9:30.

He still needed time to wash up and get to the airport—there was no time at all.

Jiang Yao laid on the side and watched as Lu Xingzhi casually put his watch back on his wrist.

Then, she grabbed his buzz cut and laughed.

“Serves you right! Lets see how you can make the flight.”

Jiang Yaos words entered Lu Xingzhis heart, but it did not cause any ripples.

He turned his head and looked deeply at Jiang Yao before he laid back down on the bed.

Then, he took out his phone and made a call.

He told Manager Sun to reschedule his flight to the afternoon.

After that, he put away his phone and turned around to kiss Jiang Yao.

“Mmm…” Jiang Yao did not dodge him when he ambushed her.

Fortunately, he only kissed her and did not do anything else.

“Manager Sun is on my team.

What makes you think you can get him to do things for you” Jiang Yao muttered.

“Your entire person is mine, let alone your team.” Then, Lu Xingzhi got off the bed and put on his clothes in satisfaction.

Jiang Yao snorted to express her dissatisfaction.

Lu Xingzhi thought for a second and then replied differently.

“My whole person is yours.

So what if I borrow someone from your team”

After he said that, he went into the bathroom to wash up.

Jiang Yao curled on the bed for two minutes before she got down.

However, a specific part of her body was indescribably swollen.

After she changed her clothes, she followed him into the bathroom.

She raised her hand and pinched his arm before she pushed the person in front of the mirror to the side as he shaved.

Perhaps he noticed that her walking posture was not right; Lu Xingzhi knew that he overdid it the previous night.

He held the razor in his hand and stopped at his chin.

His eyes fell onto her body.

“Do you have any medicine for that Ill put some on you later.

I was a little out of control last night, but Ill pay more attention in the future.”

He had enjoyed himself the previous night, but Jiang Yao seemed to be quite uncomfortable at that moment.

Lu Xingzhi regretted it again.

Jiang Yao pretended not to hear what he had asked.

There was indeed a formula for that kind of medicine, but she felt that it was not helpful, so she did not make it.

Even though Lu Xingzhi was ruthless in that aspect, he was not as crazy as the previous night.

He had ravaged her like he wanted to swallow her whole.

Jiang Yao ignored him, so Lu Xingzhi was not sure if she had such a thing.

After he thought about it, he deduced that she would not have the medicine due to her shy nature.

Therefore, before he went to the airport, he would have to go to the pharmacy to see if there was one.

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