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Chapter 804: Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger

“I havent been to Ping City recently.

I did guess that the Zhu family would investigate me, and I also know why they would do that.

But Ive never even heard of the Sun family.

So far, I dont know anyone with that surname.” Jiang Yao asked curiously, “Youre so far away in Jindo.

How do you know all these things”

“If I cant even find out information about these simple things, I must have been crippled all these while.” Du Chen smiled bitterly.

“Dont worry.

Ive told them that youre my benefactor.

Theyll know what to do.”

“Right, the old masters medicine is very effective.

His complexion is much better than before, and his attitude has changed as well.

Yesterday, he even mentioned that he wanted me to go to the company, but I rejected him.”

“Thank you then.” Jiang Yao was not concerned about the Du familys progress, so she did not ask further.

“Theres one more thing.

YNs people are also monitoring you.

They have asked our countrys private detectives to follow you, and they have also asked their countrys military personnel to enter Nanjiang City as tourists to supervise your actions.” It was an essential piece of information, so Du Chen told Jiang Yao about it.

“So, youll need to be prepared in advance.

Dont let others find out anything about this.”

“Even if they were to send the entire country to run an investigation, I wont be able to find out what they want to find out.

Alright, anyway, thank you for your reminder.

I cant tell you what to do, but I appreciate your kindness.” Jiang Yao thanked him again before she hung up the phone.

She had helped Du Chen because she was in a good mood, and she liked him as well.

That was why she had helped him.

She did not expect that he would return the favor.

Lu Xingzhi had not wanted to listen in on Jiang Yaos call.

However, when he heard the rest of the conversation, he paid more attention to it.

After Jiang Yao hung up, he quickly asked, “Who was that”

“That was Du Chen.

He said that the Zhu and Sun families in Ping City are investigating me.

He has helped me stop them.

Then, YN also sent people to monitor me,” Jiang Yao said.

“Im not afraid of YNs people.

I can understand why people from the Zhu family would do that; because of Zhu Qianlans matter, its normal for them to want to investigate me.

However, where did that Sun family come from”

“Dont worry about YNs people.

Carl told me that of the four people he sent, two of them were his acquaintances.

As for this Sun family, are they from Ping City as well” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Then, he said, “Du Chen… hmm… it seems like that city has some crouching dragons and hidden tigers.”

“If he doesnt expose himself, no one will be able to tell, right” When she saw Lu Xingzhis expression, Jiang Yao knew that Du Chens ability was something that not even he knew.

It seemed like Du Chen had concealed himself very well in Jindo.

“Ill get someone to investigate the Sun family.” Lu Xingzhi could not be bothered to take Jiang Yao out to dinner anymore.

He called the hotel and asked for a delivery of food and beverage to their room.

As for YNs people, Lu Xingzhi thought about it and said, “When the time comes, Ah Lu, Da Ke and I will explain it to them.

If they have time, well bring them to enjoy Nanjiang Citys scenery.

For those few days, if you have nothing to do, stay in school; dont come out.”

Jiang Yao did not quite understand how Lu Xingzhi had described the experience.

At first glance, it sounded amicable, but when she looked at Lu Xingzhis expression, it did not seem to be the case.

“Regarding the YN mine, I cant find any manpower to follow up with you, so I thought about it—I think its good to ask Carl and Ruan Yongjun for help,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Lets give them a small portion of shares as a form of gratitude.”

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