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Chapter 803: Happy now

That was Chen Feibais last sentence for her.

Chen Feitang ran out of the ward as she cried, and her parents chased after her anxiously.

When Chen Feibai was in trouble, everyone in the Chen family was terrified.

“Happy now” Lu Xingzhi was the first to break the silence in the ward.

“If youre happy now, you should behave yourself and treat your illness well.

If anything happens again, Ill ask my wife to throw you out of the hospital and let you fend for yourself.”

“Jiang Yao wont do that.” Chen Feibai seemed to deliberately want to anger Lu Xingzhi.

“Shes too soft-hearted.”

Jiang Yao stood at the side.

She really wanted to knock Chen Feibai unconscious.

So, Chen Feibai was also aware of her soft-hearted nature

“My wife is soft-hearted, but shes only like that with me.” Lu Xingzhi did not want to admit defeat, but his expression did not look too good.

He was probably a little regretful that Chen Feibai had gotten what he wanted, so he started to be arrogant.

“Enough, enough! Are the two of you feeling bored” Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi out of the ward.

“Why are you bickering with him Are you stupid”

“Why are you so soft-hearted with him” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos palm as he asked her very seriously.

“Im only like that with you,” Jiang Yao answered quickly.

When she noticed that Lu Xingzhi looked happy, she cursed in her heart—childish!

Just as she spoke to Lu Xingzhi outside the room, Chen Feibai fell asleep again.

It was probably because he had said all he wanted to say, so he slept deeper than before.

“Mrs Lu, Ill leave Feibai in your hands.” Chen Shan held his wifes hand and walked out of the ward.

“I think hes much better than he had been three days ago; he didnt seem to be in pain.”

“Yes, I changed his dressing.

At the moment, he wont feel much pain.

Later, he would be in worse pain when we start to treat and simulate his joints and other limbs.” She did not mean to scare the parents deliberately, but she was a doctor.

She had a responsibility to let the patients family know about the patients condition.

She also wanted them to know that even though she felt sorry for Chen Feibai, she did not blame Lu Xingzhi for eliminating Chen Feitang.

After they sent Chen Feibais parents away, Jiang Yao asked Lu Xingzhi to wait in the directors office.

She tidied the ward and transferred Chen Feibai to the system.

She told the public that Chen Feibai had been moved back to the ward that he had stayed in before and was under the care of specialized personnel for 24 hours a day.

After they left the hospital, the two of them returned to the hotel.

They discussed whether they should go to a restaurant to eat or order food delivery service in the hotel when Jiang Yaos phone rang.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao and complained that his wife was so busy that she did not have time to eat with him anymore.

Then, he asked her to pick up the phone quickly.

It was Du Chen; he had called Jiang Yao from Jindo City.

He did not specifically contact Jiang Yao to repeat those thankful words.

Instead, he had called her to tell her a piece of news about herself.

“There are two parties in the province investigating your information,” Du Chen said.

“One is the Zhu family, and the other is the Sun family.”

“The Zhu Family The Zhu family from Ping City in Province A The Zhu family that deals in jewelry” Jiang Yao understood if it were only the Zhu family.

“But, who is the Sun Family”

“Coincidentally, they are also from Ping City.

However, they are not a prominent family; they are only a local scholarly family.

It is Mrs Sun who is investigating you.

No one knows the reason yet.” Du Chen asked, “Did you do something significant in Ping City recently Did they want to investigate you because of your identity as the Divine Doctor”

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