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There was not much of a crowd in the cinema as it was an old film playing in the middle of the hot afternoon.

Despite the lack of popularity, it was quite an interesting movie.

Lu Xiaoxiao met her friends too.

After the movie, Lu Xiaoxiao asked Jiang Yao to head home first while she went to dinner with her friends.

After Jiang Yao exited the cinema, she felt as if someone was tailing her.

So, instead of walking home straightaway, she went into a crowded bookstore, bought two books, and casually read the books while observing her surroundings discreetly, although she couldnt find any suspicious people.

Jiang Yao knocked her head in bewilderment.

She was being ridiculous.

Lu Haixings house was located on the outskirts of the city center, away from the densely populated place.

There was a long descending slope on the way home and at the peak of the slope was the housing area where Lu Haixing and several of his neighbors lived.

The scenery of the slope was very breathtaking with endless rows of tall ginkgo trees.

These ginkgo trees were a tourist attraction in every winter, but right now, the slope was hollow.

Grabbing the two books in her embrace, Jiang Yao walked hastily up the slope.

“D*mn it! Thats the b*tch! Hurry up and grab her!”

Abruptly, Zhao Zhuangzongs menacing voice echoed from the dense woods beside side.

Two to three men emerged with him from behind the tall trees and they slowly approached her.

The three men glared at her in an inexplicable illicit way.

“Zhao Zhuangzong, are you serious Is this the girl you want us to play with In fact, you want to give me money for it” One of the men with yellow-dyed hair eyed Jiang Yao from head to toe.

“Not bad, quite pretty too, looks like a decent girl.

Let me see, what books do you have there”

The man reached out, attempting to grab Jiang Yaos chest.

She stumbled back anxiously and shouted, “Zhao Zhuangzong, what do you think youre doing”

Jiang Yao was calculating her chances.

If she shouted, could the residents at the top of this slope hear her calling for help

Jiang Yao wasnt sure, so she carefully looked towards the road where she came from.

She wondered how likely it was that she could run back to the intersection to call for help.

“Surround her! She is as sly as a fox, dont let her run away!” Zhao Zhuangzong commanded after noticing Jiang Yaos gaze.

“This womans skill is top-notch, her man finds her extremely pleasant.

Go ahead, enjoy your time with her, try and see how fun it is to do it with a spoiled and arrogant woman.”

Despite knowing how barbarous Zhao Zhuangzong was, Jiang Yao was still taken aback by his filthy language after tearing off his polite disguise.

Truth be told, some people were so great at disguising that they could deceive everyone.

There were some people in this world who were so despicable from the inside out.

Jiang Yao imagined how heartbroken Lu Yuqing would be if she saw Zhao Zhuangzong in this manner.

How blind she was to have fallen in love with this rogue.

“Zhao Zhuangzong, what do you want” Jiang Yao could foresee that there was nowhere for her to escape from these cold-blooded men.

“What do I want Jiang Yao, you b*tch, how dare you ask me about what I want! Its all because of you that Ive ended up so miserable! I no longer have a place to go back to, the creditors are bugging me day and night, I lost my job, I lost everything! Are you happy Are you glad to see Lu Yuqing divorce me and kick me out of the house, and me becoming a street mouse that people rant and rage at”

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