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Chapter 794: Blushing

Jiang Yao walked the two of them to the door before she returned to the inner room.

When she was back, Lu Xingzhi had already gone to the bathroom.

From the sound of the water, it sounded like he was in the shower.

“Since when are you germaphobic”Jiang Yao knocked on the bathroom door.

“Watch the wound on your arm.

Dont get it wet; itll get infected and inflamed!”

In the bathroom, Lu Xingzhi grunted, but it was only a verbal response.

He did not care about the wound on his arm at all.

He was not germaphobic at all.

He had been living like a savage in the mountains for a few days.

He was afraid that if Jiang Yao found out that he had not showered properly, she would despise him.

After all, his wife was a little mysophobic and had a great sense of smell.

Jiang Yao did not know what was in Lu Xingzhis mind.

She saw him place a small bag in the corner.

She looked at it curiously and thought about Lu Yuqings furious reaction when she said that he had something in his bag that he did not want her to see.

Jiang Yao felt that Lu Yuqing was most likely right.

So, what was in his bag that he did not want her to see

Jiang Yao was immediately piqued.

She stood there for a few minutes; she wondered if she should take a peek.

In the end, she decided to take a look as Lu Xingzhi was still in the bathroom.

Just a peek.

She felt terrible when she did that.

Even though she knew that Lu Xingzhi was in the bathroom, she still tried to tiptoe.

When she reached the bag, she bent down and carefully unzipped it.

At a glance, she saw a pink paper bag.

It did not look like something that a man like Lu Xingzhi would have.

Therefore, he did not want her to see what was most likely the thing in the paper bag.

She looked at the bathroom as she reached out to pull the paper bag.

Just as she was about to retrieve the item, the sound of water in the bathroom suddenly stopped.

Jiang Yao was shocked; she quickly put the paper bag down and zipped the bag.

Then she jumped onto the bed so fast that it was almost as if she could fly.

Just as her bottom landed on the bed, Lu Xingzhi opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.

Jiang Yao felt so tired that there were no words to express her feeling at that moment.

“Why is your face so red”Lu Xingzhi wore a bathrobe and slippers.

As he dried his hair, he tilted his head and looked at Jiang Yao, who was on the edge of the bed.

“Is the air conditioner too warm If it is, why dont you turn it down a little Silly!”

“No.” Jiang Yao laughed and shook her head.

That was the first time in her life that Jiang Yao had done such a sneaky thing.

She was a little scared, and she almost got caught.

“If you have nothing to do today, you dont have to go out.

You should take a shower too.” Lu Xingzhi walked toward her before he pushed Jiang Yao toward the bathroom.

How could Jiang Yao not know what was in his mind

“Its still the afternoon; why are you taking a shower now”Jiang Yao slapped Lu Xingzhis hand away and pulled him to a chair so that he could sit down.

She pulled the bathrobe off one of his shoulders and saw that his wound was still covered in water droplets.

She glared at the man.

“I knew it! You took my words for granted!”

“Its just a small wound.

I had already applied medicine on it last night.

Its quite effective, so its fine now.

Its just comfortable when its bandaged, and it affects my movement.” Lu Xingzhi was not too happy when he saw Jiang Yao retrieved the bandages and medicine.

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