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Chapter 789: Im Just Trying To Scare You

Jiang Yao had heard Jin Mingdongs words clearly on the phone.

When she heard Jin Mingdongs first two sentences, she became really nervous, especially when she heard that Lu Xingzhis bones were exposed.

She was terrified.

Later, when Jin Mingdong said that he wanted the doctor to press Lu Xingzhis exposed bones back, she knew that the kid needed a beating!

Lu Xingzhi waved at the doctor.

Then he handed the phone to the doctor and said, “Tell my wife about my injury.”

The doctor was stunned.

“Oh,” the doctor replied before he took the phone.

He told the nurse to remove the bandage on Lu Xingzhis arm so that he could confirm it.

At a glance, he knew that it was only a small injury.

The man was fine.

The nurse rebandaged Lu Xingzhis arm while the doctor spoke into the phone, “Madam, dont worry.

Commander Lus injury is only a small one.

Its not as scary as Jin Mingdong had claimed.

He is only trying to scare you.”

After he said that, the doctor received a gentle thank you from a lady on the phone.

Then he returned the phone to Lu Xingzhi and teased him.

“Your wife must have been anxious about you.

Its already so late, and shes still not sleeping to supervise you.”

Lu Xingzhi opened his mouth to explain that he had woken her up, but he decided against it.

It would be better if he did not say anything so shameful.

That would only let everyone think that his wife was worried about him.

After he put his clothes back on, Lu Xingzhi spoke to Jiang Yao on the other end of the line.

“Its very late now; go rest.

Ill look for you tomorrow.

I still have something to do here, so Ill hang up now.”

After he put away the phone, Lu Xingzhi took off his coat and handed it to a comrade so that they could look after it.

Then, he walked toward Jin Mingdong and dragged him outside.

Two minutes later, one could hear Jin Mingdongs screams and cursed from the field.

Five minutes later, Lu Xingzhi went back to the command center alone.

He took his coat, thanked his fellow comrade, and left.

After about ten seconds, Jin Mingdong was back in the command center.

He wiped the corners of his mouth and tidied his clothes.

Then, he sat down in front of the nurse with a smile.

“Little girl, Im injured.

Look, this time its for real.”

Did Jin Mingdong get injured because he could not defeat Lu Xingzhi and the man had beaten him up Or did he not fight back on purpose so that Lu Xingzhi could release his pent-up anger and so that Jin Mingdong could get the nurse to help him

At 8 am the next day, the candidates final list for that selection process was out.

Lu Xingzhis results far surpassed the second-ranked soldier.

Even though the bureau chief was upset that Lu Xingzhi had single-handedly eliminated the entire female squad, he was still happy with the overall results.

“Its been hard on all of you for the past half a month.

After the new year, you will get an official transfer document to your respective unit, and you will report to the new unit at the appointed time according to the document! I hope that the Special Forces will make you more outstanding in the future.

I also hope that the Special Forces would become the biggest backing force for the troops!”

After the conclusion of the meeting, everyone packed up and returned to their respective units.

Lu Xingzhi was the first to run back to his dormitory and run out of the command post with his luggage.

Everyone else stifled their laughter when they saw his fast pace.

Commander Lus wife was definitely a great magic weapon to control the man.

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