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Chapter 786: I Didnt Want This Either

He returned to the dormitory building.

He saw Chen Feitang—she stood against the wind in her thin clothes.

It was apparent she had waited there for a long time.

She looked sick, but he was not surprised.

The weather in the mountain was freezing cold—it was like that for a few hours, so it would be strange if she were not sick.

However, she had brought that upon herself.

She could have given up and gone back instead.

No one forced her to be there.

She was the one who wanted to be strong.

She insisted on hiding in the water and wasted everyones time.

“Lu Xingzhi, Chen Feibai had taken the blame for me.

However, it was the old masters decision.

What does it have to do with me Why are you doing this to me Why did you have to spare no effort to deal with me” Chen Feitang growled hoarsely.

“Why did you do this to me Lu Xingzhi, why did you have to be so ruthless”

After she yelled at him, Chen Feitang slowly squatted and hugged her knees as she cried as hard as she could.

She had always been a sensible person; that was the first time she had cried in a long time.

She could no longer hold her tears back.

For someone who wanted to be strong, the past few days of experience were as if the sky had collapsed.

“I didnt want Feibai to be injured like that.

After the fire, I only knew that he had been burned when I heard his cries.

I wanted to save him, but the fire was so big that I could not even get close to him.

When he was sent to the hospital on his last breath, I blamed myself; I regretted it, I was sad, and I was worried! I know that it was my fault.

If I have the chance to do it again, I would never touch that fire.

All of you blamed me; you blamed me.

No one thought that I would be afraid, and no one cared about me!”

Chen Feitangs cries gradually became muffled.

“Lu Xingzhi, because of Chen Feibai, you eliminated all the female soldiers and made me everyones target.”

In those few days, she had to bear with the pain on her body and endured everyones indifference and disregard.

Even though she was the Chen familys daughter, no one wanted to acknowledge and curry any favor with her!

Not a single person!

Not a single person who cared about her!

The main culprit for all of that was Lu Xingzhi!

She initially thought Lu Xingzhi was cruel when he eliminated her.

It was only later that she knew that the man had many ways to deal with people—so many ways to make her suffer.

Lu Xingzhi frowned as he looked at the wound on his arm.

After he heard Chen Feitangs words, he only asked coldly, “Are you done If youre done, move aside.

Dont block the way.” The woman had stood in the middle of the staircase.

No matter how much she cried, he could not bear to part with her.

However, his heart was still hard and cold.

Chen Feitang still squatted there.

She did not even cry.

She just looked at him in a daze; it was as if she did not see him.

She continued to look at that place in a trance.

Lu Xingzhi did not have enough patience, so he bypassed her directly.

His arm was still injured, but he supported himself with the handrail and jumped.

Then, he quickly walked up the stairs and left her behind him.

He did not ask any more questions.

The first thing Lu Xingzhi did when he returned to the dormitory was to take a shower.

Then, he used the medicine that Jiang Yao had given him to bandage the wound on his arm.

As a soldier, there was no need for him to go to the hospital for such a small injury.

After everything was done, he looked at the time.

It was almost two oclock, but he still switched on his phone and called Jiang Yao.

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