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Chapter 784: Not a Single Female Soldier Was Left

Everyone agreed to the suggestion given by one of the female soldiers.

They felt that it was the best way to take revenge on Commander Lu.

After all the female soldiers were eliminated, the ones eliminated next were all male soldiers—Lu Xingzhi had finally begun to make his move on the male soldiers.

The forest in the mountain was enormous; the further one went in to hide, the harder it was to find them.

Therefore, the number of people who were eliminated decreased when it was afternoon.

On the last night, everyone in the command center could imagine how the competition was in the forest.

They already had an initial thought about the outcome.

However, to everyones surprise, the last person to be eliminated was the final female soldier.

Therefore, when the third round of assessment results was announced, not a single female soldier was left.

That last female soldier probably already had a sense of Lu Xingzhis attack, so she had avoided him in the large forest.

It was not because she was afraid that Lu Xingzhi would attack her, but because she was scared that Lu Xingzhi would let someone else attack her.

She and Lu Xingzhi could not attack each other, but someone else could have attacked her.

When he saw the last female soldier come down the mountain, the bureau chief was no longer angry.

When someone reported to the command center, he held his teacup and sipped his tea casually.

Then, he asked, “How did you get eliminated”

“I got lost twice in the first two days.

Until tonight, I didnt take the initiative to attack.

Ive been hiding and waiting for the assessment to end.” The female soldier was even calmer than the bureau chief.

“Later, Commander Lu appeared.

Five people chased him, and he accidentally appeared at my hiding place.

Those who chased after Commander Lu changed targets and turned to attack me instead.

No matter how capable I am, it was only a matter of time before those five elites attacked me and got me eliminated.

Among those five, three of them got my badges.

The remaining two continued to go after Commander Lu.”

“Commander Lu still has four chances left” the bureau chief asked.

The female soldier thought for a moment and shook her head.


When I saw him, he only had two badges left on him, so those two people must have chased after him fiercely.

Also, Commander Lu is injured.

I think I smelled blood on his body.”

“Then, the other two should still be watching the show in the mountains,” the bureau chief muttered.

If it were him, he would also be happy to watch Lu Xingzhis show in the mountains.

Lu Xingzhi was injured—even a fool would know to go after Lu Xingzhi.

The number one contender in the assessment, Lu Xingzhi, had only two chances left.

Since he was already injured, other people chased after him relentlessly.

The third-ranked soldier was also a male soldier—he had only three chances left.

His chances of winning were even greater than Lu Xingzhis.

At midnight, the alarm to signal the end of the assessment sounded in the mountains.

To see the results immediately, those people in the command center ran to the foot of the mountain and waited.

They saw the first person to come out of the forest was the third-ranked male soldier.

He still had two chances left.

When he came out, he was in a sorry state.

However, he smiled with incomparable happiness because he had passed the assessment.

After that, the people who came out one after another had smiles on their faces.

Even if they did not have a badge in their hands, those who could stay until the end of the assessment still passed the test.

Good at hiding was also an excellent skill.

Lu Xingzhi only came out when he could walk a little faster.

The sleeves of his clothes were torn, and there were bloodied wounds on his arms.

However, when he walked from the small path—from the darkness—to the intersection that was illuminated by the moonlight, he looked like a triumphant soldier, like a king who had returned in glory.

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