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Chapter 780: Cold-blooded enough

Jin Mingdong stood on the shore, looking at Chen Feitang with a face full of mockery, “Its not just because of the great temptation that company commander Lu gave us.

Its also because I dont want to see you join the special forces.

I dont want to work with you one day.

A person who doesnt even have the courage to stand up and take responsibility for his mistakes, what qualifications does he have to be our comrade-in-arms “In the future, if we go on a mission together with you one day, how can we trust our backs to a comrade like you”

“You let a hero who fought against the flood take the blame for you.

Do you have any shame”The person on the other side asked, “After youre eliminated, if you have the courage to stand up and admit your mistakes, well still respect you as a person!”

No matter what others said, Chen Feitang pretended not to hear them.

In her eyes, she could only see the man who had been sitting on the tree for so long and had never looked at her.

Was Lu Xingzhi cold-blooded and heartless enough

To people he did not care about, he was a cold-faced Hades who had no sympathy.

Many people said that Lu Xingzhi was unreasonable, but Chen Feitang knew that Lu Xingzhi was not like that.

He cared about a lot of people — his brothers, his comrades, and his wife.

However, of all the people he cared about, only she, Chen Feitang, was not one of them.

No matter how much she did and how much effort she put in to fight alongside him, he still could not see such a small and hardworking Chen Feitang in his eyes.

Lu Xingzhi, who was sitting on the tree behind him, looked at his watch and urged, “Alright, Stop Dawdling.”

Other than the fact that he did not have the patience to continue waiting, he was also afraid that something might happen.

After all, Chen Feitang was a girl.

After soaking in the ice water for a long time, if something happened, the Chen family would not let it go.

This was completely different from directly eliminating Chen Feitang.

Lu Xingzhis words made the people surrounding the water below bow in gratitude and immediately jumped down.

After all, she was someone who could participate in the selection of the special forces.

After being in the water for so long, Chen Feitang still had some leeway to resist.

However, under the encirclement of so many people, it did not take a few seconds.

The badge that belonged to her was quickly taken away, which meant.., she was eliminated in an instant.

Chen Feitang was dragged out of the water.

After she went ashore, no one cared about her anymore.

“Lu Xingzhi, this is a matter of the Chen family.

Why do you have to get involved”Chen Feitang sat on the tree, paralyzed.

She did not even have the strength to raise her head.

Her entire body was shivering from the cold.

She did not know how to describe that kind of despair.

The man she loved so much, the man she had loved for so long, just watched coldly as she soaked in the water.

With a single sentence, he had shattered all her efforts and time.

Other than hatred, what other emotions could she use to face him

“If I wanted to get involved in the Chen familys business, you would not be able to enter the third round of the selection.

Chen Feitang, you were eliminated because you were not strong enough.

It was also your own doing.

It was not me who allowed you to be eliminated.

It was what you did that allowed you to be eliminated.

You are not qualified to enter the special forces, and no one would want to work with someone like you.

Take care of yourself.”

With that, Lu Xingzhi jumped down from the tree.

With a height of more than three meters, he landed lightly like a jaguar.

He turned around and glanced at Jin Mingdong.

Jin Mingdong smiled knowingly.

In the next second, Lu Xingzhi ran into the depths of the forest.

In the blink of an eye.., his figure disappeared into the forest.

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