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Chapter 775: Divine Doctors Apprentice

“Thats right.”Jiang Yao nodded.

“This is really sad news.”The student giggled, “Then well be waiting for you to give our department a long face!”! “I heard from the seniors that our department hasnt produced the most beautiful freshman and representative for a long time.

However, you single-handedly collected two honors.

Moreover, once the semester started, you appeared in our Nanjiang Citys newspaper.

During that period of time, everyone knew of Your Heroic Act! “Youve been missing classes so much recently that even the professors have their opinions.

Many people are saying behind your back that youre a bad flower.

Dont mind them.

When the time comes, show them your results.

Let them see how amazing the most beautiful freshman from our department is!”

“Thats right.

Our dormitorys Jiang Yao is definitely a genius!”Wen Xuehui agreed with this point.

“The last time she came back, I tested her with my book.

Oh My God, its all right! So, Im not worried about her final exam at all!”

Wen Xuehui felt that Jiang Yaos results were a bit of a mixed blessing.

Jiang Yaos good results were like her pride, so she was showing off vigorously.

Wen Xuehuis words caused the entire large classroom to become lively all of a sudden.

There were also people who chased after Jiang Yao to ask for learning methods.

Of course, there were also those who hid behind and whispered sour words, but they were only a minority.

The professor came in with a book.

When he saw Jiang Yao sitting at the bottom seat, he was surprised.

Although he didnt explicitly say anything about Jiang Yao, after the roll call, he still said that this was the first time that all the students had arrived since the start of the school year.

It was a little exaggerated, but it was clear that the professor was still very dissatisfied with Jiang Yaos learning state, where she often missed classes.

Therefore, after class, Jiang Yao was called to the professors office to talk alone.

She was not surprised at all.

The professor was actually a pretty good person.

He was a very fastidious and conscientious academic person.

Jiang Yao knew that the professor often told his students to learn more knowledge in school so that they could save more people in the hospital in the future.

What they were learning in the classroom now.., was the key to treating patients and saving lives.

“Theres still more than a month before the final exam.

Tell me, how long do you want to take leave” “Although youre already married and cant avoid being dragged down by your family, its not like you to take leave every two or three days,”the professor said earnestly, “Your matter has attracted some bad attention in the school.

If you dont restrain yourself, it will be very difficult for you next semester.”

“Professor, maybe the principal didnt tell you about me because he wanted to protect my privacy.”Jiang Yao liked this professor very much.

Before she was reborn, her personality was a little strange.

She didnt interact much with her classmates and was always immersed in her studies.

It was also this professor who noticed her abnormality and explained to her twice, saying that studying wasnt as crazy as her.

However, her personality was like that at that time.

It was a dead end.

It was useless even if the professor tried to persuade her.

Therefore, after graduating and working for many years, she only had one friend, Wen Xuehui.

“Professor, have you heard about the huge change in the shareholders of Sacred Flag Hospital”Jiang Yao looked at the professor whose brows were knitted into a single word and said helplessly, “I am that new shareholder.

Therefore, there are many things in sacred flag hospital that I have to participate in sometimes.

Also, professor, you should know about the Divine Doctor that has been rumored in the medical circle recently, right “The Divine Doctor is my teacher.

Ive been following her and being her assistant to take part in some surgeries.

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