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Chapter 774: As long as hes still alive

What Jiang Yao wanted to say was that after Chen Feibais incident, there was definitely a gap between Chen Feibais parents and Chen Feitangs parents.

Once Old Master Chen left, the Chen family would definitely not have the unity they had now.

At that time, if Chen Feibai wanted to overturn the case, there would be no old master Chen who could stop him.

Chen Feibai was still young, so why couldnt he wait

Even if he waited for 10 or 20 years, so what

As long as he was still alive, there was still hope, right

Old Master Chen was already old, and he was still alive.

As his son and grandson, he couldnt bear to make things difficult for him.

After Old Master Chen left, who would be able to stop Chen Shanhe and Chen Feibai from overturning the case

Most importantly, Chen Feibai was now seriously injured, and with his previous deeds in fighting the flood, the army couldnt possibly give him too heavy a punishment.

In fact, they couldnt even give him a punishment.

However, Chen Feibai had to face this when he retired from the army.

“Do you also hate Chen Feitang who is thinking about your man Jiang Yao You hate her too, right”Chen Feibai caught the obvious disgust in Jiang Yaos expression when she mentioned Chen Feitang.

“A woman who is always thinking about stealing my husband.

Isnt it natural for me to hate her”Jiang Yao snorted.

“Do you have to be so happy”

“Why not Look, we actually hate the same person.”After Chen Feibai said that.., he closed his eyes.

It seemed that he was very tired after talking for such a short while.

However, he still didnt forget to instruct Jiang Yao to tell the Chen family.., after Chen Feitang was eliminated, he must come here to see him immediately.

Chen Feitang was now a thorn in Chen Feibais heart.

Jiang Yao wasnt a psychiatrist, so she couldnt help him remove it.

She also knew that even if a psychiatrist came, it would most likely be useless.

Seeing that Chen Feibai had fallen into a deep sleep again, Jiang Yao exited the system.

The only fortunate thing about this burn was that Chen Feibai didnt choke on his voice system.

He could still speak as usual.

When he was engulfed by the fire, he must have subconsciously protected his face.

Therefore, the burn on his face was slightly lighter.

In the future.., the scars on his face might fade a little.

However, the scars below his neck would probably still be obvious.

This was also a great blow and torture for a young boy in his early 20s.

The next morning, Jiang Yao went to class with Wen Xuehui early in the morning.

As soon as she arrived at the large classroom, Jiang Yao was surrounded by her classmates.

There were many questions, and more people asked if Jiang Yao was pregnant.

After all, everyone knew that Jiang Yao was married.

“Everyone, quickly return to your seats.

The professor will be angry when he sees the chaos in the large classroom later.”Wen Xuehui helped Jiang Yao disperse her classmates as she explained for her, “My Yaoyao isnt pregnant.

Shes just busy.

Those who saw her go to the hospital, shes just visiting her friends.”

In the dormitory, Wen Xuehui made fun of Jiang Yao the loudest.

However, outside the dormitory, Wen Xuehui was a little like an old hen.

Seeing that there were many people, she was afraid that her classmates would bump into the thin and weak Jiang Yao.

“Im just doing some personal matters.

Im not pregnant!”The classmates were all kind and concerned about her, so Jiang Yao explained with a very good attitude, “Dont worry.

Although I didnt attend class, I wont fall behind in the class.”

“Hey! Seeing how confident you are, dont tell me you want to compete with us for scholarships”A classmate pretended to be in pain.

“Oh my God! Then wont I have another competitor”

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