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Chapter 769: Be careful of what you say

The plane landed on the roof of the sacred flag hospital one and a half hours later.

After getting off the plane, Jiang Yao turned around and said to Grandpa Chen, “All of you go and settle down in your own places.

The doctors from province a dont have to follow you down.

The sacred flag side is already prepared.”

After saying that, Jiang Yao called Ah Lu and Da ke over.

“Follow me and push them to the operating theater downstairs.”

“Dont you need a doctor from province a”Chen Shan Jin called out to Jiang Yao.

“No need.”Ignoring the doubt on Chen Shan Jins face, Jiang Yao and Old Master Chen said, “Xing Zhi should have told you that Chen Feibais place is closed for a week and family members are not allowed to visit him.

Old Master, during this period of time, there is actually no need for you to stay in Nanjiang City.

You all have other things to do, so you can go and do what you need to do.

If I have any progress here, I will contact you at any time.”

After giving her instructions, Jiang Yao signaled Ah Lu and da ke with her eyes.

The two of them followed her down the stairs and pushed Chen Feibai all the way to the operating theater.

After Ah Lu and Da Ke entered the operating theater, even though they were suspicious that there were no nurses or doctors in the operating theater, they did not ask much.

After Jiang Yao asked the two of them to leave, the two of them stood guard outside the operating theater, they assumed that the doctors would enter the operating theater through other channels to work.

After Ah Lu and dake left, Jiang Yao quickly transferred Chen Feibai into the system.

With the help of the system butler, she first removed all the medical white gauze from Chen Feibais body.

The system Butler then cleaned Chen Feibais wounds, she then quickly entered the laboratory to prepare a large amount of medicine that she needed.

On the roof, Old Master Chen waited for Jiang Yao to leave before he waved his hand and told everyone to board the plane and return to Province A.

Chen Shan Jin was stunned.

“Dad, do you really trust that little girl so much”

After he said that, he looked at Chen Shan he, who had not said a single word throughout the entire process, and asked, “Shan he, how much do you know about Lu Xing Zhis wife Are you so confident that you can hand fei bai over to her”

“In the future, be careful what you say in front of that little girl,”Old Master Chen reprimanded his eldest son, “Have you not heard of the legend of the Medical God in Jingdou “Many people say that Lu Xingzhis brothers know that medical god, but in my opinion, that medical god is Jiang Yao herself! “You all know this very well.

If you dare to say anything to anyone, if the Liang family turns hostile, dont blame me, your father, for not protecting you!”

When Old Master Chen spoke, he avoided the doctors from province A.

“Why else do you think the trainer of the Jin City Army is Jiang Yao Do you really think that Lu Xingzhi and your Uncle Liang are using their power for personal gain”

Although Old Master Chen did not directly ask Old Master Liang if Jiang Yao was the medical god, he could vaguely guess from his old friends attitude towards Jiang Yao.

Therefore, when he appointed Jiang Yao as the trainer of the Jin City Army at that time.., he had supported his old friend with all his might.

Now, it seemed that he had not supported wrongly at the beginning.

This wife of Lu Xingzhi was really not simple.

“Lets go.

Send a few doctors back to province a first.

All of you will return to the capital with me.

Come back to Nanjiang city in a week.”As Old Master Chen spoke, he took the lead and boarded the helicopter.

However, he only remembered after he got on the helicopter, at this moment, the pilot had already left with Jiang Yao.

There was no pilot in the helicopter.

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