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Chapter 766: The best outcome

“Master, its best that you move the patient into the system as soon as possible.

This place can ensure that there are no bacteria growing here.

Otherwise, with the current condition of the patient, if he were to be easily infected by any bacteria, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The patient is now equivalent to a person without any resistance, and he is even more delicate than a newborn baby.

Moreover, applying the medicine as soon as possible will help shorten his recovery period.

This will also be of great help in building the patients confidence in treatment.”

Jiang Yao knew all this.

The key was that she didnt know if she could convince Chen Feibais parents to trust her and let her treat Chen Feibai.

After all, Chen Feibai wasnt the child of an ordinary family.

They could do whatever they wanted, but Chen Feibai was a precious treasure in the Chen family.

Moreover, after Chen Feibai was brought into the medical system, the family members of the Chen family couldnt see Chen Feibai for a whole week.

“I will try my best.”Jiang Yao could only say that she would give it a try.

Old Master Chen believed in her medical skills, or else he would not have said that to her before he left.

With Old Master Chen, this matter should not be too difficult to handle.

At the moment, the difficult thing was an excuse.

She had to find an excuse to get Chen Feibai into the system so that everyone would not look for Chen Feibai.

Otherwise, Chen Feibai would be gone for no reason.

Who would not look for him Who Wouldnt find it strange

After thinking about it, it seemed like the excuse of Holy Flag Hospital could still be used.

After transferring Chen Feibai to Holy Flag Hospital, she then transferred Chen Feibai into the system from Holy Flag Hospital.

Holy Flag Hospital was her territory.

If she didnt allow anyone to enter, no one would be able to find out about it.

After coming out of the medical system, Jiang Yao called Lu Xingzhi.

However, the call was cut off in the next second.

A few seconds later, a text message came in.

Lu Xingzhi replied to her that he was in a meeting to ask her to send a text message.

After Jiang Yao read it, she smiled directly.

This guy was not serious in a meeting.

He could still send a text message to her without calling her.

When she thought about how he was sitting in his seat with a straight face, but the hand under the table was holding his phone and sending a text message to her.., he still had to put on a serious face in a meeting.

That scene, when she thought about it, was inexplicably pleasant.

“Call me after youre done.”Jiang Yao replied with a text message and threw her phone aside.

She thought that Lu Xingzhi might have time to come over after the meeting, but two hours later, Lu Xingzhi called her and told her that he was going to the assessment site with the participants of the third round of assessment, it would officially start tomorrow.

In other words, he didnt have time to come over.

Jiang Yao held her phone.

She couldnt hide the disappointment on her face, but Lu Xingzhi couldnt tell from her tone.

“Alright, then tell grandfather Chen that I want to take over Chen Feibais treatment when you have the time.

However, let me say this first.

With Chen Feibais condition, I cant let him recover to the state he was before he was injured.

If Chen Feibai can endure all the pain during the treatment, I can guarantee that his body will not become disabled after he recovers.

However, the scars on his body will still be left behind.

“However, this is already the best outcome.”

Jiang Yao paused for a moment.

She thought that the doctor probably did not explain too much to the Chen family members.

Perhaps, when Chen Feibais condition stabilized, the hospital would suggest that Chen Feibai be transferred to a bigger hospital.

Therefore, Jiang Yao explained it in more detail, “With Chen Feibais condition, if I dont take over his treatment, even if he tries his best to participate in rehabilitation, the possibility of him falling into paralysis is still very high.

Even if he doesnt become paralyzed, he wont be able to walk like a normal person.”

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