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Chapter 764: Flirting

“Its okay.”The woman on the side came back to her senses and shook her head.

She turned around and asked the nurse beside her, “Do you know who she is How Old is she”

“I dont know how old she is.

She looks about the same age as Miss Sun.

She looks very young.

As for who she is, I dont know either.

However, I heard from other nurses that she was together with the burn victim in Jingdou.

The burn victim was someone from Jingdou.

The girl and her family landed in a helicopter in the open space of the hospital.

Therefore, she is most likely someone from the Jingdou Military Circle.

I heard that the family of the burn victim has a particularly high status.

To be more exaggerated, if she sneezes, Jingdou will be shaken three times.”

When the nurse said this, she paused, then she continued, “When this girl came in the morning, there were two extremely scary looking bodyguards by her side.

Therefore, that girls family background must also be very scary.

Its better for ordinary people like us not to approach them.”

The nurse spoke very seriously.

She lowered her head and looked at Miss Sun, who looked very similar to the girl with an extraordinary status.

Then, she said, “I heard that people like them who are high and mighty are not very good-tempered.

In the future, Miss Sun should avoid her when she is in the hospital.

After all, the two of you look very similar.

If she is not happy that you look like her and comes back to find trouble with you later, that would be bad.”

“It cant be That girl looks gentle and gentle.”Although the girl in the wheelchair did not believe it, she was still shocked by the nurses words.

“Some women rely on their faces to deceive others.

Look at her, shes already flirting with men in broad daylight at such a young age.

How could she not Youd better keep a distance from her.”The womans voice suddenly changed.

She pushed the girl and turned around to walk back.


Sun misunderstood.

That girl seems to be married.

The soldier just now should be her husband.”The nurse on the side explained, “Thats what I heard from other nurses.”

“Mom, look, thats her husband, so its not a big deal for the couple to have a good relationship and be closer.”The girl in the wheelchair smiled gently.

“A young and promising warrior with a gentle wife is very enviable, isnt it”

“What are you envying Even if they are husband and wife, they cant cuddle like this in a crowded hospital in broad daylight.

Its immoral!”The woman sneered.

“Youre not allowed to do this in the future!”

“Mom, what era is it now Why are you still so old-fashioned In foreign countries, let alone those who are already married, even if a man and woman are in love, Kissing and hugging on the street is nothing.

Thats called romance,”the girl retorted unhappily, then, she laughed self-deprecatingly.

“With my body, I live day by day.

Its like waiting for death.

Most likely, Ill never be able to wait for that day.”

After saying that, the girls expression changed.

“Shanshan, dont be like this.

Youre digging your mothers heart out.”The woman lowered her head to look at her daughter in the wheelchair.

Seeing her pale face and slim body, which looked like a bamboo pole, her heart ached.

Recalling the girl who looked so similar to her daughter, the woman felt a burst of jealousy.

They clearly looked so similar.

Why did her daughter have to struggle against her illness while that girl had a healthy body, with such a high family background, how could she have such a good husband

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