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Chapter 757: Stepping on him to rise to power

“My son is lying in there in pain, wanting to die.

Why is Chen Feitang, the main culprit, doing nothing Why is Chen Feitang stepping on all of my sons Pain to rise to power “From now on, my son will be a cripple who has suffered the consequences of his own actions, while she, Chen Feitang, will be able to rise step by step and become a descendant who brings honor to the Chen Family”

Chen Feitangs mothers voice was full of complaints, each sentence striking the hearts of those listening.

Jiang Yao had a vague feeling that after she and Lu Xingzhi left last night, old master Chen had even put pressure on the couple after he told them the truth, forcing them to accept old master Chens decision.

The doctor gave Chen Feitang the result that he would become disabled.

Jiang Yao was not surprised at all when she saw Chen Feitangs condition just now.

Chen Feitang was lying on the bed, and his entire body was almost bandaged into a mummy.

With Chen Feitangs degree of Burns.., he would indeed be severely disabled.

The major joints would contract because of the scar, which would affect the function of the joints.

As a result, there would be different degrees of impairment.

Even if Chen Feibai could withstand all the pain of later recovery in the future, it would be impossible for him to recover back to his original state.

How could a young man who used to be arrogant and insufferably arrogant bear the result of becoming a cripple

How could such a proud and aloof person be willing to take the blame for Chen Feitang that did not belong to him in the first place

All of this was indeed unfair to Chen Feibai.

The hospital was worried that the family members would agitate the patient again, so the hospital banned family visits.

Lu Xingzhi brought Chen Feibais parents to the hotel to rest for the time being.

The Time Jiang Yao went in in the morning was too short, so she did not have time to react and have the medical system scan Chen Feibais condition.

Over here, the hospital had issued a ban, she could not find the time to visit Chen Feibai again to scan his condition and apply the right medicine to the system.

Therefore, she could only wait at the hotel with Lu Xingzhi.

After Lu Xingzhi returned, he had to return to the temporary command center in the small county to report.

After settling Chen Feibais parents down, he called Ah Lu and Da Ke and asked them to come to Province A to protect Jiang Yao, then, he hurriedly told Jiang Yao a few words and asked her to help take care of Chen Feibais parents.

Only then did he rush back to the command center to report back to the team.

That night, Ah Lu and da ke arrived.

Once the two of them arrived, they guarded Jiang Yaos hotel entrance like door gods for 24 hours a day.

In the end, Jiang Yao couldnt stand it anymore and asked the two of them to take turns guarding, otherwise, if they continued to stand guard for a few days, she might have to send the two of them to the hospital for first aid.

According to Jiang Yao, the security in this hotel was pretty good.

The two of them didnt need to stand guard at the entrance and stayed in the room.

They could just wait for her to go out and call the two of them.

However, Ah Lu and Da Ke didnt agree.

When Jiang Yao accompanied Chen Feibais parents to the hospital, it was already three days later.

Unlike most burn patients who would be unconscious for a long time, Chen Feibai woke up especially early.

However, for a burn patient, waking up early was not a good thing.

If he woke up early, he would have to endure more physical torture and pain.

When Jiang Yao and Chen Feibais parents arrived at the hospital ward, Old Master Chen happened to come out of the ward alone.

After not seeing him for a few days, old master Chen did not look too good.

He looked tired and sad.

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