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Chapter 753: No obligations

Jiang Yao blinked and shook her head.

“I dont want to!”

“Isnt that enough Whats there to be curious about No matter how similar they are, its not you.

Isnt there a person in our town who looks very similar to a martial arts star The world is so big, is there anything strange”Lu Xingzhi thought, it was most likely that the nurse was blind, which was why she mistook him for someone else.

His wife was the only one in the world.

Even if there was someone who looked like her, it was impossible for them not to know the two of them.

Jiang Yao was the only one in the world.

Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao to the best hotel in Province A.

after checking in, he immediately called Father Liang in the capital to inform him of the situation here.

Father Liang was still working in his office at night.

After hearing Lu Xingzhis words, he was silent for a long time before sighing.

“If the old master doesnt resolve this properly, the Chen family might be divided because of this matter.”

When Old Master Chen and Old Master Liang were young, they were comrades-in-arms, so the relationship between the two families was decades old.

Because of the relationship between the older generation, Father Liang and Chen Shanhe had played together since they were young.

They were very familiar with the temperaments of the Chen Brothers, father Liang understood them.

“Old Master was concerned about the future of the Chen family, but he neglected Chen Feibai and the feelings of his parents.

Lets not talk about Chen Shanhe and Rong Ying as parents.

Take Chen Feibai himself as an example.

As long as Chen Feibai is alive, he will not be able to bear the blame.

If Chen Feibai is not saved and dies, then Chen Shanhe and Rong Ying will not let their son die in vain and have to bear the blame for the real murderer of their son.”

Father Liang said, “Keep an eye on that side for now.

Ill give the old man a call and ask him to advise me.”

Lu Xingzhi acknowledged and put away the phone.

Seeing that Jiang Yao was looking at him, he walked over to Jiang Yao and asked, “Are you tired”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Will Chen Feibais matter affect you After all, in name, Chen Feibai is a soldier in your company, and you are Chen Feibais company commander.”

“Im his company commander, not his father.”Lu Xingzhi snorted.

“I havent been able to control him in the past.

The Army cant blame me for his matters.”

Chen Feibai had joined the army.

He had taught him everything he needed to.

Putting aside the fact that Chen Feibai was a victim of the fire, even if Chen Feibai really was the person who had committed a major mistake, what did it have to do with him

He was Chen Feibais company commander.

However, Chen Feibai had his back to the entire Chen family.

Everyone in the army knew that Chen Feibai had been a little troublemaker ever since he joined the army.

Jiang Yao leaned on Lu Xingzhi and sighed indiscernibly.

“I thought that I had changed Chen Feibais death and that his life would change in the future.

I didnt expect that there would be such an unsolvable disaster waiting for him.”

“Its not your fault.”Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Jiang Yao would think too much, so he comforted her.

Jiang Yao looked up at him and pouted.

“Its not my fault.

I can save him once, but I cant save him for the rest of my life.

Besides, Im not a bodhisattva.

Dont tell me I have the obligation to save all living things”

Lu Xingzhi was speechless after hearing Jiang Yaos retort.

He was afraid that she would think too much.

So, it was unnecessary.

However, this was also good.

Jiang Yao was right.

She was not a bodhisattva, so she had no obligation to save everyone.

Because they had rushed to province a without eating, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi arrived at the hotel at this time.

Their stomachs were in a mess.

When they heard Jiang Yao say that she was hungry, Lu Xingzhi called the room service and asked the service to deliver a light supper.

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