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Chapter 744: They were trustworthy

Jiang Yao was not surprised at all.

Gu Haoyu had always been very honest when it came to the direction-obsessed.

“What happened after that”Jiang Yao cared about the last.

“After that, I went home and didnt go back to the dormitory.”Wen Xuehuis laughter continued, “He followed me to my house downstairs.

He probably thought that I just went home to get some things and was going back to school.

He waited downstairs for more than an hour until I turned off the lights and went to bed.

He was still waiting downstairs.

From time to time, he would look up at the window of my room.

He was probably wondering why I was still not downstairs.

In the end, he called manager Sun from the Leah restaurant to pick him up.

Speaking of which, its really strange.

How did Gu Haoyu know manager Sun”

“Youre really bad.”Jiang Yao expressed her admiration for Wen Xuehui.

She would rather get up early and go to school the next day than go back to her dormitory just to torment Gu Haoyu.

One had to know that Wen Xuehuis home and school were in two completely different directions.

“I originally thought that he could wait until the next morning to follow me to school.

I didnt expect that he would be picked up by someone.

Wouldnt it have worked out this way earlier He even followed me, causing me to wake up before six oclock today.

I spent most of the day dozing off in class.”

Wen Xuehui grumbled in a low voice.

Then, she very appropriately yawned, and her voice gradually became softer.

“When are you coming back for class I Cant see you.

Every time I see the bottom bunk is empty, I miss you.

Your Silence is always better than yours.”

“Ill be able to go back to school the day after tomorrow,”Jiang Yao replied.

She talked to Wen Xuehui for a while before hanging up the phone.

She sat up from the sofa and looked into the room.

She did not hear any movement or see anyone, then, she wore her slippers and walked in.

Lu Xingzhi was also on the phone with someone.

However, his voice was very low, as if he did not want her to hear him.

When he heard her footsteps, he raised his eyes and looked in the direction of the door.

Then, he continued to speak to the person on the phone in YN, “Ill leave this matter to you.

After Tomorrow, there might be no one picking up my phone.

You and Ah Jun can make the decision on your own.

Thats all for now.

Im hanging up.”

Jiang Yao walked over and placed her phone on the headboard.

She asked casually, “Who are you talking to”

“Karu.”Although he didnt want Jiang Yao to know what he and Karu had said, since Jiang Yao had asked who he was talking to, Lu Xingzhi still chose to tell Jiang Yao honestly.

He didnt want her to continue asking, so he first changed the topic and brought up the two bodyguards.

“Ah Lu and DA ke used to be members of the mercenary group.

I went this time and spent five million to buy them out of the mercenary group.

From now on, you will be their master.

The employment contract is ten years and your salary will be paid separately.”

Lu Xingzhi patted the seat next to him for Jiang Yao to sit down.

After she sat down next to him, he continued, “Both of them are very good at shooting.

Without me around, you can let them guide you.

I didnt tell them about your skills, but there is one thing you can rest assured about.

From now on, if you have anything, you can hand it over to them.”

Lu Xingzhi emphasized the wordanythingin order to let Jiang Yao understand that these two bodyguards were trustworthy.

Mercenaries valued credibility the most.

That was why Lu Xingzhi had to travel all the way overseas to find these two people.

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