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Chapter 741: Occupational disease

Lu Xingzhi said, “The last question is the reason for Chu Shengs rage.

Also, Chu Sheng is not as weak as you think.

When she broke free from Lao Wus restraints, I can tell that she is a martial artist.

If I remember correctly, Chu Wei once said that her sister graduated from the Police Academy and was an outstanding student.

It was probably because she could not speak, so she did not go to work at the police station in the end.”

Jiang Yao was stunned.

She looked at Lu Xingzhi and thought that he was a god.

“How do you know so much”Jiang Yao asked.

“Dont tell me youve been paying attention to their table”

“There are two girls on the table to our right.

One has curly hair and the other has straight hair.

They come from a good family because the jewelry they wear is not cheap.

The first table to enter the restaurant is filled with three men.

When we entered the restaurant, we could tell from the shape of one of their lips that they were talking about the size of a female movie stars breasts…”

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yaos surprised face and her slightly open mouth.

She was very cute.

Seeing that his eyes were filled with admiration, he smiled in a low voice, “Silly wife, this is an occupational disease.

Out of instinct, when we enter an environment, we will first observe the surroundings.

Moreover, Chu Shengs position is quite close to us.

If we pay a little attention, we can hear what they are talking about.”

“As for what you said about fifth brother and Chu Sheng, I cant analyze this,”Lu Xingzhi recalled, “However, I remember that when fourth brother said that Zhan Qiuhe was the most beautiful girl in the world when she smiled, fifth brother refuted him.

Fifth Brother said that he had seen another girl who smiled more infectious than Zhan Qiuhe.

As for who this girl was, none of us brothers know.

Only fifth brother knows.”

After a pause, Lu Xingzhi snorted.

“Are they blind The most beautiful girl in the world when she smiles is clearly you.”

“I dont really want to fight for this title.”This was probably the most beautiful words of love that Lu Xingzhi had ever said.

Jiang Yao felt that it was rare for a person like Lu Xingzhi to actually have such a day when he could say such words of love, and he had to be so serious about it.

Hearing this, she was simply elated.

After all, no woman didnt like to hear her husband praise her.

Seeing Jiang Yaos Happy Smile, Lu Xingzhi was also a little surprised.

He was surprised that women were actually so easy to coax sometimes.

Thinking about it, since she was so happy now, she shouldnt be angry if he asked some questions, right

Thinking of this, Lu Xingzhi tried to open his mouth to ask, “You just said at the dinner table that if it wasnt for axis, because of the rebellion, you wouldnt have agreed to marry me.

Yaoyao, then tell me, what attitude did you have when you married me back then”

“Didnt I say that”Jiang Yao exclaimed.

Why did she remember that she had said that to Lu Xingzhi

“You didnt,”Lu Xingzhi replied quickly.

Jiang Yao tilted her head and looked at the person on top of her head.

She thought about it carefully, and after hearing his affirmative answer, she wasnt sure anymore.

Perhaps, he really didnt

After she was reborn, Lu Xingzhi had always avoided talking to her about the things that happened during their first marriage.

Later on, he probed a little bit, and the conversation between the two of them about the things that happened during that period of time gradually increased.

Later on.., after she was honest with him, the two of them only became calm when they talked about the things that happened during their first marriage.

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